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Coorganizing tips

Coorganizing tips

Have you thought about meditation as a family or as a team ?

  More creative and productive teams, calmer children, clearer thoughts… the arguments…

27 March 2018
Be inspired

Digital politeness : smooth everyday organisation

When we want to get organised at the office, as a…

16 March 2018
Coorganizing tips

Balance your life starting today!

Some tips for balancing your life: forget the mistakes of 2017…

26 January 2018
Coorganizing tips

How to tidy in 2018 – let’s get to it!

How are you going to tidy in 2018? At home or…

19 January 2018
Coorganizing tips


Now that the New Year has popped its head around the…

12 January 2018
Coorganizing tips

Good organisation to avoid runny noses!

Here we go again – noses are running, yours and your…

15 December 2017
Coorganizing tips

Not enough time? Get rid of the “time thieves”!

Time thieves, time consumers, time wasters: there are so many ways…

1 December 2017
Coorganizing tips

Get an early start for a well-organised Christmas !

Do you want to enjoy Christmas and have a relaxing month…

24 November 2017
Coorganizing tips

Some great tips to stop putting things off until tomorrow!

… We’ll do it later! … Tomorrow, tomorrow’s fine isn’t it?…

17 November 2017