We’ve all been there – standing outside the door of the house at 7pm searching in our bag for our keys…

We have all been in the situation where we are looking desperately for our keys in our bag outside the front door at 7 o’clock in the evening…. Tired after a long day, rummaging around, coming up with this morning’s train ticket or a two-day old receipt from the supermarket.

This time is the last time! Sit down and organise all that… no more bottomless bags and finding only biscuit crumbs at the bottom when you finally make it there.

To avoid weighing yourself down with superfluous things, only keep the ones you genuinely need.

For example, lighten your purse and get rid of all those loyalty cards from various shops by installing the Stocard application that groups all your loyalty cards together in a single application.

Create small bags for your essentials that you can transfer easily from one bag to another. Transparent ones are practical for identifying the contents in an instant (but not very pretty, it’s true!)

Here are a few essential basics you will want to keep:

  • Your telephone
  • Your keys
  • Your bank card
  • Your transport ticket
  • A flash drive (in case you need to recover any documents),
  • A few paracetamol (in case of minor headaches at the end of the day)
  • Disposable tissues
  • Anti-bacterial gel
  • An optional bottle of water


Add the “kids” kit bag:

  • Antiseptic cream for those everyday bumps and bruises in the park
  • Hand wipes (also suitable for chocolate-covered faces)
  • Little sweets such as tic-tacs (for you or for them) or a snack
  • Extend your tidiness to your smartphone
  • Put an end to the paperwork chore

Extend your tidiness to your smartphone

Put an end to the paperwork chore



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