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Coorganizing tips

Be well prepared for the new arrival of a new baby !

Tadaa!  When it comes to being well prepared for the arrival…

15 September 2017

How to organise your children’s activities?

… Ah, the children’s activities!    The annual conundrum comes up…

8 September 2017
Coorganizing tips

Get back into the swing of things without getting tired …

Do you find hard to return to the usual routine without…

1 September 2017
Coorganizing tips

Preparing for your child to go to summer camp

Preparing for your child to go to summer camp Here are…

12 July 2017
Coorganizing tips

How to organise the summer holidays !

School is coming to an end and the summer holidays are…

27 June 2017
Coorganizing tips

Lighten the mental load by sharing information!

The first thing to do is to share information so that…

9 June 2017
Be inspired

How to avoid the mental load?

The mental load is the state of being constantly preoccupied by…

26 May 2017

Working Mum: 5 tips to save some precious minutes!

Are you a working Mum? Our great tips to better organise…

19 May 2017

How can I better delegate to my childminder ?

If you want to improve your relationship with your childminder, here…

16 May 2017