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Coorganizing tips

The first months: let people help!

What I would like to have known when I came home…

11 May 2017

Working Mum – Being A Working Mother ?

  Read the full article at:   “Why do you…

5 May 2017
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The beauty essentials of an organized mom !

The beauty essentials of an organized mom !   Lip balm…

2 May 2017
Coorganizing tips

Too organised or too laid-back?

Take the test and find the balance that suits you between…

28 April 2017
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What is your ideal week?!

It’s not easy to reconcile personal life, family life and professional…

25 April 2017
Coorganizing tips

Good habits when working from home !

Do you work remotely? Would you like to learn some good…

21 April 2017
Coorganizing tips

How to better organise your budget !

Better budget organisation is one way to save time and money!…

18 April 2017
Coorganizing tips

The golden rules for good babysitting !

Choosing and communicating well with your babysitter means that when you…

14 April 2017
Coorganizing tips

4 colours to make more time at the office !

Do you dream of a working week that is better adapted…

11 April 2017