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Coorganizing tips

How to get your child to help out?

Set the Table!!! How can you get your child to help out around…

23 November 2016
Coorganizing tips

How to choose the right au pair?

Taking on an au pair (male or female) can be an…

15 November 2016
Coorganizing tips

The Quadrant Method or how to add 60 minutes to your day?

60 minutes more!  What if you were given an extra hour…

11 November 2016
Coorganizing tips

How to organise and file papers?

Let’s be honest; sorting and filing papers is more of a…

8 November 2016
Coorganizing tips

How to find the good work-life balance? 

What about rebalancing your life and find the good work-life balance?…

4 November 2016
Coorganizing tips

A good communication with your nanny: the 3 golden rules

Employing a nanny in your home requires the establishment of a framework…

1 November 2016
Coorganizing tips

Helping at home which tasks at what age ?

Helping at home – Which tasks at what age?        Helping out…

28 October 2016
Inspirational coorganizers

Marine : organisation and networking!

Marine, her new design shop, her two kids, her dog… and…

25 October 2016
Coorganizing tips

Do you know the true good reasons for involving a child in the organisation of family life?

Do you know the positive effects of involving a child in…

21 October 2016