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The beauty essentials of an organized mom !


Lip balm so that your lips will always be hydrated and a little for your eyelids for a fresh look.
Lipstick that complements your skin tone so that you can always look spruce in moments. It can also be used to brighten your cheeks in case of need.

No need for a mirror:

  • In selfie mode your telephone will work as a mirror
  • A miniature nail file
  • A sample-sized tube of hand cream
  • A comb with a couple of hair bands wrapped around the handle
  • A plaster


That’s the minimum.


You can of course add the whole kit and caboodle, but those of you who travel by public transport will appreciate a lighter bag.
Add the “kids” kit bag:

  • Antiseptic cream for those everyday bumps and bruises in the park
  • Hand wipes (also suitable for chocolate-covered faces)
  • Little sweets such as tic-tacs (for you or for them) or a snack

Choose a bag that has an internal zipped pocket:

You can systematically store your keys or identity papers there and nothing else. It’s a habit to get into… there are also key rings that can attach to the inside of your bag.
Every week, remember to throw away your credit card receipts and replace the items you have used over the week.
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