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« Friends are like eyeglasses. They make you look smart, but get scratched and then bore you. Luckily, sometimes, you get super cool glasses. Me… I’ve got Sophie!”

Julien, Love me if you dare


In love as in friendship, we can say that nothing is ever taken for granted and that everything is to be built or rebuilt. Yes, time passes but friendship remains. Friendship… What am I saying? We can even talk about waves of friendship in some cases!

So how do we make sur that doesn’t happen? How to cultivate a beautiful friendship capable of fighting against winds and tides? There is no miracle recipe or guarantee but, through this article, you will discover that a friendly relationship based on honesty, communication and a touch of organization is likely to fight all evils.


Choosing the good people around you


There is an old saying that “you don’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends”. However, in friendship, it is not useless to remind that we must pay attention to the people around us. It is recommended to choose great people, who will allow you to increase your potential, who offer you a healthy and pleasant living environment. You should also think of cultivating your little friendship garden with joy and surprises, where there is no lady of hearts but a strong bond of love, kindness and beautiful harmony.

Naturally, it seems obvious that judgment has no place in such a relationship.


Overcoming difficulties


In love as in friendship, it happens that there is some false note.

It is important to understand to understand and accept that our friends do not belong to us. They have their own personalities, their qualities, their flaws, in short, you can’t force someone to change… But what can we do when certain disagreements arise? Is it better to keep them quiet to preserve our friendship or perhaps to allow ourselves, in the name of transparency, to say what annoys us?

Whatever the situation, giving an ultimatum on the pretext that one is no longer in agreement with the way the other is leading his life cannot be an approach compatible with friendly sentiment. Indeed, it is necessary to consider the evolution of each one and to accept it.

Friendship is beautiful, strong, real, complex but sometimes it overflows and finally, it’s probably in those moments that you must remain united.




In friendship it is essential to communicate, to exchange to avoid unspoken or misunderstandings. In these moments, listening occupies a primordial space. But sometimes you also need to respect your friends’ privacy. So even if you say many things to each other, even if you say “everything” to each other, it is normal that everyone wants to keep their little secret garden.

When we talk about communication, in the digital age, social networks are not to be overlooked. So, can we reconcile real friendship and social networks? Well, the answer is yes! Better than that, they can help you cultivate your friendship thanks to the many opportunities to discuss, exchange and share, even on the other side of the world!




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