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It’s not easy to reconcile personal life, family life and professional life, so what is the ideal week that would allow you to all do this?

It all began with an article shared by a group of friends about the benefits for our children of having a working mother (working mothers make successful children!). The goal was not to hold a debate about whether it is better to have a mother who works outside the home or not.

No, the goal was much more light-hearted: “Come on girls, take heart, it’s not easy every day, but look – it appears that our children are no less happy!”

Objective: Stop feeling guilty!

Yes, because naturally enough, my friends and I all adore our kids (from the only child to the big family, with an average of 3 children each): we take care of them, we fawn upon them, we admire them, they make us laugh and they also steal our hearts.

But, and there’s always a ‘but’ – we also love our professional lives.

Even if we really like being a mum, we also like our jobs and our colleagues, the intellectual challenge, earning a living (even if we don’t always have a choice)….in short, having our own lives!

In an unexpected way, a debate began about what would be the ideal week.

And we arrived at the following conclusion:

3 days of work and as we are a little bit demanding, we would also like the job to be interesting and well paid!

1 day to take care of the children and their activities

1 day for ME and also a little bit for the house

And finally the weekend for making the most of family time

So here is what we realised: an ideal week to handle everything over the 10 years during which our little darlings are not entirely autonomous!

I’m not sure that the boss will accept this proposal, but imagining the ideal and thinking about is a good starting point for making it come true!

What about you? What would your ideal week look like?

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