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Do you dream of a working week that is better adapted to your rhythm? Here is an easy method you should try urgently to put an end to running around!

Need more time at the office?

Do you dream of a working week that is better adapted to your rhythm? Before you end up swelling the ranks of mothering burnout candidates, here is a method that is easy to try and adapt ASAP in order to stop dashing around, start enjoying work again and arrive home ready to face your second day with a smile!

A well-prepared week begins on Sunday evening. And no, we promise that this is not going to heighten your Sunday evening blues: on the contrary! “Anticipating the week ahead allows your brain to get into work mode, and sends a relaxing signal to the brain that says the question has been handled.” responds John, a specialist in workplace stress.


Well, then, what exactly do I do on Sunday evening?

Start by making a table for each day of the week.

Step 1: the constants and appointments that have already been made.

Yes indeed, if only you could control everything! Fill in the things that you cannot change. Build the week around these and this will give you some good ideas on how to better anticipate the weeks ahead.

Step 2: Colour in these constants and planned appointments using the following colours:

  • Blue for administrative and production jobs
  • Green for creative activities or reflection
  • Red for talks and meetings
  • Yellow for breaks: lunch with colleagues or friends, sport, a walk around the block

Certain jobs are major (except yellow :)), but for a good week, each day should have all 4 colours.

Step 3: Complete your week with a balance of colours 

Step 4: Review the coming day each evening.

After one week has been completed, adapt the following week based on your impressions. Here are a few conclusions from organised parents further to this exercise:

Earlier mornings: “I realised that I was less stressed if I handled administrative jobs in the morning instead of the evening: I take an earlier train and I do them in peace before my colleagues arrive. I leave the office earlier on Friday in a less stressful state and go to pick up my daughters.”

For me: “When I looked at the chart, I realised that I wasn’t doing anything for me in the week, no nice lunch, no sport. I work in the medical sector, so it’s easy to get caught up in things. Now I go out for a short walk at lunchtime with a colleague and try to have lunch with a friend once a month. It’s good for me. I feel like I am in less of a hurry.”

Meetings: “My diary is red, all week! Nightmare! I’m a manager, so it’s not surprising, but I realised that I never stopped to think calmly and that I did all my administrative jobs on Friday afternoon… The result – I never finished on time and I brought work home that I never got around to… putting it off until Monday. A vicious cycle! Now I do admin stuff on Thursday morning, and I set aside a mandatory period for reflection. I also reduced the duration of meetings: it’s hard to impose this, but we are no less productive.”

Hours: “When I looked at my week I realised that I wanted to get everything done and it wasn’t working… Because I cannot extend my days, I am always anxious that I won’t get finished. I arrive at the crèche dishevelled and I can never relax. So, I placed my yellow at the end of the day and I reviewed my priorities. I get off the train one stop earlier and I walk. Once a week, I do some sport before picking up my son. I have cut back on outside lunches and stay in the office at lunchtime more often. It’s less glamorous, but better for my relationship with my son every evening.”

What about you, what’s your assessment of your week? Tell us in the comments!


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