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Having a good, efficient and stress-free day at work is not just a dream! Here are 5 easy-to-adopt habits that will transform your days at work!

Considering how much time we spend there, it is essential to have a good day at work! 63% of us already like our professional activity, so here are 5 easy-to-adopt habits to enjoy even better working days.
When the morning begins, arrive into a tidy office and begin the day with clarity.
For a good day at work, remember to tidy your desk before you leave in the evening, and to do that, you need to stop work fifteen minutes before you leave. Challenge! Tidy your actual desk and your computer desktop too. Go over what you have accomplished over the course of the day and what needs to be done tomorrow. In order to efficiently prioritise your tasks, follow the advice in our article Learn how to say no at the office.
For the tidying part, listen to Marine, a chartered accountant: “Despite the computer age, there is still a lot of paperwork. The best advice I was given when I started is not to move on to a new file without putting away the one that was open before. Even in the same day. My boss was intransigent on this subject, and I thank her for it every day.” Oh dear! I only tidy when the piles are about to topple over…


  • Drink water or tea dehydration is the enemy of the worker and of concentration.

Among the primary sources of chronic fatigue given by doctors, dehydration is the easy one to beat. Drinking from a cup or a glass allows you to take in more liquid than drinking from a bottle. So, for a good day at work, bring along your favourite mug and choose herbal teas that you like to drink. Are you a coffee addict? Switch to Matcha green tea which is just as, if not more stimulating (only drink it in the morning): ok, it’s bright green, but coffee is no more natural. Forget all those various options at the coffee machine (Cappucino and co.): they are full of sugar and can lead to sudden bouts of fatigue…


  • Take breaks

You can use the Pomodoro method for habitual tasks, every 25 minutes just like in our article Efficient and not stressed-out. For a good day at work, stand up at least once an hour, air your office and try to take a walk outside at lunchtime. Do some stretches, and if you can, work standing up. Your body and your brain will thank you, and most of all, it is better for your morale when you feel more concentrated and less tired.


  • Flee negative people

You already have enough to handle with all the people you cannot avoid in your actual work… so don’t add to the burden. Take a social break with them from time to time, but avoid exposing yourself to the recriminations of demotivated people that will drag you down and ruin your day. “Sorry, too much work” accompanied by an appropriate grimace is an effective excuse.
Give sense and meaning to what you are doing
We cannot always choose, but it has been proven that people who give their work some meaning get more from their day. So, for a good day at work, you need to add a little pleasure! “Choose a task or a subject that you like, and do a little of it every day. Or delve deeper into a subject you like, take it seriously. The main thing is to get some perspective on your activity and to find some joy every day, even for a short time,” advises Peter, a human resources consultant.


And when the day is over…
Try to avoid blurring, in other words mingling the professional and the private. Sometimes your profession will require you to re-read your emails or to re-connect in the evening: devote a precise time to this and if possible do it more than one hour before bed.
So that’s it for a good day at work – bring my favourite mug and my green tea to the office, stop 15 minutes before leaving in the evening to tidy and write my to-do list, avoid Annie the toxic colleague who makes me feel terrible and take a walk outside for a few minutes at lunchtime… that all sounds doable! The hardest part will be not checking my emails before bed…. What about you?
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