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Are all the red lights flashing this week? Are all kinds of stressful situations popping up one after another? Here is an article on how to avoid stress.


Are all the stress buttons flashing red this week? Your children are sick, your childminder has let you down and you have to finish that tricky and oh-so-important project at work? Is that all? Oh no, a leak in your neighbour’s apartment has just flooded the kitchen! Well there you are, total chaos!

In a state approaching despair, we went out to ask some organised mums for their best tips on how to pull through, and especially on how to avoid getting into the same mess next time.

Marie works in the Emergency room!  “Even I can’t prevent my children from getting sick!” she laughs. On the other hand, if my childminder is away, I have to find a solution, because it is very difficult to find a replacement at the hospital. So, I always have a plan B when it comes to childminding: I alternate willingly between at least 4 students for my evening babysitter, instead of having one regular one. They all know the children, so I have more alternatives if something unexpected arises. And I prefer that to a baby-sitting service that will send me somebody I don’t know.”

Helen gets her husband involved: “He has more holiday days than I do, so when there is a crisis he takes care of it. Doesn’t that seem normal to you?” We would like to see it happen more often, Helen! In any case, it’s worth talking things over with your partner rather that assuming that the same person always has to deal with things. Don’t you think? Why is it always you?

Sana has perfected a Stop policy at work! “I learned my lesson after a burnout. When I feel that I am too involved, when I think about work at night, then I set up my emergency procedure: first, I go to see my boss to explain that I won’t be finished on time. My problem becomes my boss’s problem and we look for solutions together. Often, it doesn’t take much to release the pressure. Delegate, postpone, break into several phases…. A lot of people think that it is an admission of failure, but if I was the head of the service, I would prefer to be able to arrange things with my employee than to have an unfinished project or an employee who falls ill due to stress, wouldn’t you?! … Then I go for a run… It’s my way of making time to unwind. Everyone has their own thing, but my doctor recommended that I force myself to create some time for myself.”

Anticipate, delegate, warn, keep some time for yourself…  Okay, so what can I do about the leak?

You have your contacts list! Karine is a home manager for properties in the south of France: “It’s my job, but frankly, having the number of a good plumber, electrician, handyman etc. is a safety net! You have to be disciplined to keep a note of the good repair people you have employed once or that other people recommend. Above all, share their contacts with the other members of your household.”

Thanks girls, and don’t hesitate to give us other tips from organised mums. I am going to start my household SOS list with the plumber, see my boss to tell her that the oh-so-important project isn’t running to schedule, and then go to yoga… because running is definitely not my thing!

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