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Some tips for balancing your life: forget the mistakes of last year and approach the new year serenely, without too much pressure!


Would you like a year that is well-balanced between projects, family and work? There’s no way you want to end this year, like the previous one, telling yourself that you have put the important things to one side yet again. And despite this, the first weeks of January are already beginning to look very similar to the last weeks of December.


So, it’s time to make a few good decisions about your general organisation:


1 year? No – 5 years! 

First of all, change your time line! You are a young adult. It’s true: up to the age of 25, we are still under construction, mentally and physically, and we continue to have strong learning capacities up to at least the age of 65. Work it out – at 40 years old, you are only at one third of your capacity to learn or to undertake new things. Isn’t that a piece of good news? Ah, what a great feeling of relaxation. Also, we have better long-term vision, so take on your projects over the next 5 years. Your perspective will change and the steps towards balancing your life will too.


Become Kaizen… 

Next, you don’t have be a Japanese zen master to understand that balance and realism go hand in hand. Let’s adopt the baby steps method and become Kaizen. This Japanese method of project management will allow you to make some real changes in the long term. Turning everything upside down is the best way to find yourself back at square one. Go to the gym every day? Steamed vegetables every evening? A creative activity every weekend? Stop! Apply the baby steps method and make a realistic effort: you can steam cook from time to time, go to the gym once a week if you didn’t go at all previously… one step after another.


Protect your sleep 

Now take a leaf from Ariana Huffington’s book and become an ardent defender of your sleep. Your physical and mental balance depends on it. Your working day is 14 hours long and your children never seem to sleep? You are a prime candidate for parental exhaustion! There is nothing more fundamental for balance in your life than sleep. On average, we need more than 7 ½ hours per night to feel good and to be available. So, it’s time to set your alarm clock to go to sleep early – take some advice from sleep coaches.


Exercise your brain: read! 

Finally, does your day feel like you’re running a marathon? It is time to start reading, and to get out and about. So what if your “to-do list” just gets longer and longer: your brain needs you in order to think clearly. However, it can only do this if you give it some useful content and some oxygen. Read books, not your smartphone. Our recommendation for the day is: Cool parents make happy kids . Perfect timing!

Patience… For next week, we are compiling a short list of books that you don’t want to miss out on :)!


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