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Do you want to enjoy Christmas and have a relaxing month of December? Here are the best tips and ideas for a dream Christmas… one that is well organised!


Are you a seasoned expert when it comes to shopping for toys or other gifts at 5pm on December 24th?

Thanks to Coorganiz you are going to get a head start this year – starting today!

Ok, Christmas is more than a month away, but one month to prepare everything is not a lot, believe me.

Shall we?



Here’s a nice idea – write a letter to Father Christmas as a family! Now that it’s the end of November, this lets you send your wish list off to the grandparents, sorry to Santa, and not give it another thought! Repeat after me… not give it another thought!

Now don’t get any ideas about hunting for the gifts on behalf of your mother-in-law/mother/father/godfather: a link that points towards the right doll (yes, the one with the golden crown, not the silver one) is the best way to make their job easier.

They are the ones giving the gifts, not you!

Now, about that letter! A fun activity you can do with the children is to get them to cut pictures of the toy or toys that they would like from catalogues – old school! They can then glue them to a piece of paper using their creativity and make the best ever letter to Father Christmas!

Be sure to keep a copy of the references and there you have it!

Tête à modeler has suggestions for a template letter along with some very cute stationery!

You can now send your letter off to:

Santa/Father Christmas,

Santa’s Grotto,



Once the letter is addressed to Santa it will reach him, and you don’t even need a stamp! You can always create your own stamp but the service is actually free of charge.

Nowadays, there are online services allowing you to email your letter to Santa – Father Christmas has gone digital since our childhood days… #nostalgia 🙂

For the adults, we love L’avant gardiste for the most original gift ideas, along with, offering a wide range of gifts that can be personalised. There’s something for everyone!



In terms of both transport and keeping the surprise intact, it might be better if you can avoid carrying the 5 foot tall teddy bear around in the boot of your car. Ordering online is practical as you can have everything delivered to your home, or even better, to wherever you will be spending Christmas! However, you should probably place your orders this weekend or by next weekend at the latest to be sure to receive everything on time!

The same applies to gifts for the adults: tickets to a show, a limited edition of a product, a weekend away or a great promotional offer will not wait!

To hang on to a little Christmas spirit outside of the virtual world, plan for a family Christmas tree weekend and a romantic shopping weekend (just the two of you): pick up some trinkets to show just how much you have enjoyed the stroll or the visit to a Christmas market. The real gifts have already been bought, so no stress, only pleasure: a nice gadget, a Santa Claus eraser, a striped candy walking stick… Treat yourself and others to a few extra stocking fillers.



We all have a hidden inner interior designer… Well, I’d like to…

My result is usually half-hearted decorations and poorly wrapped gifts on Christmas Day, when I had pictured myself taking my time with everything, Christmas music playing the background, wearing a reindeer sweater with a glass of hot punch in my hand!

Shall we really try to make a go of it this time? Think of everything you like about Christmas: decorating the tree as a family or covering the house in sparkling lights from top to bottom. Mince pies with a glass of hot punch (that makes two!) or some hot fruit juice. Snowflakes, love hearts, Santa figurines, snowmen, stars… Well this year choose to create the décor that you genuinely want to see. I’m making the mince pies… easy!

If you are in need of inspiration, there are lots of great ideas on Pinterest.

Be sure to send us your creations by email to



Are you all for a traditional Christmas dinner, with turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, plum pudding and Christmas cake, or are you more interested in an original meal this year? Have a little think, decide about it this weekend (what?! It’s still only November! Exactly!) and draw up a reverse schedule. Now that’s a cool December project, right?

How about a buffet where everyone brings along their speciality, you put everything on the table and each person takes what they want? Even this kind of meal requires organisation and time to prepare. Our advice is to delegate as much as possible: allocate tasks using the Coorganiz app: your dad brings the wine (uncorks the bottle and serves it… he’ll find it pretty cool to be promoted to sommelier!), your sister brings the starter (identical – she prepares, brings and serves)… you get the picture! Innovate this year – delegate!


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