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Do you work remotely? Would you like to learn some good habits for working from home that are simple to put in place for a productive and satisfying working day?

The time has come. You are about to begin the days of working from home that you have been waiting for / asking for/ negotiating!

What are good habits for working from home that you should use from the start to make your days more efficient, interesting and above all satisfying?

First of all, an adequate work space and material:

The same as in your company if you are going to spend most of your day at your desk. Set up a bright and personal space, as well as a good chair. You may laugh, but before I began to love working in my kitchen, I tested many Ikea chairs that left my back aching at the end of the day.


Also, be sure to have superior quality Wi-Fi!

Not being able to send the file you have been working on all day to your boss because the connection is not strong enough is infuriating and not very professional!

If you are working from home only on certain weekdays, select the files or subjects that are more suited to a calm and solitary atmosphere: difficult calls to clients, budgets, business plans… and keep the subjects that need to be discussed with more people or the ones that require more support material for the days at the office.

This may seem obvious, but if you don’t take the lead on the diary, then you will find yourself on a conference call at home when the whole team is gathered around the latest prototype at the office… while the next day you would have been at the office to try out the product and offer an enlightened opinion! It’s difficult to offer an opinion about a sketch, a yoghurt or some fabric, or even offer any opinion at all if you are the only one who isn’t there. Take the initiative with the diary: it’s the first remote working habit to instil when you get started!

Be honest with yourself about the hours:

To feel good about things, you need to work your usual hours. It is quite possible to switch to early mornings because there is no transport or to pick up the children from school, head to the gym or have lunch with a friend: just let your colleagues know at what times they can reach you. You won’t spend yoga hour checking your phone or the next hour listening to the doubtful messages left by your colleagues who are looking for you. Communicate!

Finally, organise your breaks! It is a myth to think that you are less productive at home: the interruptions are fewer. No colleagues in need of a chat to drag you off to the coffee machine, no gossip girls, no useless meetings… Take a break every 90 minutes to get up, drink some tea, do some stretches…..


Let’s go back over the good habits when working from home: a cosy and ergonomic space, powerful Wi-Fi, appropriate tasks, a diary that has been planned with your colleagues, clearly defined hours and lots of tea! 

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