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… We’ll do it later!

… Tomorrow, tomorrow’s fine isn’t it?


Have you ever spoken those words? Do you hear them in your home a little too often, or at work, or in the street?

There is a name for this: procrastination!

What? The action of always putting off until tomorrow what you could do today, or right now.

In other words, the fast track to complete and total disorganization – there’s no better way!

At Coorganiz, we are here to help you beat this bad habit, to get organized on a daily basis, and to stop putting everything off until tomorrow…. or almost!


Remember when you were a student, and you would do your homework, your essays, even your thesis, everything at the last minute – EASY! But when you have a family and a career to manage, along with everything else that makes up your daily life, it becomes complicated to do everything at the last minute for tomorrow…  or the day after, or even next week.


Here a few little tips to help you to get everything done, right now!



The 5 minute theory is about defining a task and sticking with it for 5 minutes, stopwatch in hand. In the end, 5 minutes is not that much to ask and it goes by pretty quickly. All those little things that you don’t want to do at the time generally don’t take very long. You just need a little willpower, to push yourself to do the thing you would rather not do. If it only takes 5 minutes or even less than 5 minutes, then with all those 5 minutes plus 5 minutes, by the end of the day, you’ll have done everything! 🙂


This method takes its name from a Russian psychologist, Bljuma Zeigarnik. According to her, a task that has not been completed or that has begun creates internal discomfort that will only be relieved when the task has been fully completed! So, if you begin something, even for just 5 minutes, you will want to finish it, or at least you will be heading in the right direction. Oh, alright then, 5 minutes…



If you have a mountain of chores that can wait, and the list is longer than your arm…. don’t even try to attack the situation head on – it’s guaranteed to make you depressed! However, do just one thing off the list each day and you will feel a great sense of release…let it go, let it go!

(You don’t have to thank us for putting the song in your head. Time passes more quickly when there’s music involved.) Come on, one boring chore per day is feasible!



Take time to do things right and don’t weigh yourself down with the stuff that doesn’t matter… All you have to do is take anything that you start to its rightful end. One thing at a time, nice and easy, but with the same motivation and winning productivity every time! When your brain is overloaded, a lot of information falls through the cracks, but when it is relaxed and performs one thing at a time, it is much more efficient, you will be less stressed and everything else will fall into place. Less quantity and more quality.

(The inhabitants of the town of Segonzac in Charente in France are citizens of a town considered to be “slow”, so if you get in on the act, you’ll be a trendsetter too :)!)


And did you know that Kevin Systrom, the man at the helm of the social media giant Instagram is a procrastinator?! But thanks to Coorganiz he has successfully taken control over this bad habit… So why not you? 😉


It all starts today … or tomorrow :D!


What about you? What are your super tips to stop putting thing off until tomorrow? Your comments are welcome!


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