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The first thing to do is to share information so that each person who contributes to your family’s organisation can take a little initiative.


Are you always the one who does everything? The one who makes appointments, remembers the swim bag, calls the babysitter, knows what the little one does or doesn’t eat, changes the nanny’s schedule… is the list as long as the bandwidth that is taken up by domestic logistics inside your pretty little head? Well then, the first thing to do is share the information so that each person who contributes to your family’s organisation can take a little initiative and stop relying on you….

To do that, today we are going to give you all the elements you need to share with all the members of your family in order to take the opportunity to share this famous mental load we hear so much about, the load that is weighing down on us…


  • Timetables

Timetables exist to be shared and communicated with all the players in your family organisation. They are the best way to avoid reminding everyone about everything all the time….

Using the Coorganiz App, you enter the timetable of each member of your family, and every day you receive a notification about the events of the day. Now it will be impossible to forget them!

The little extra: you can attribute access privileges to the members of your organisation. For example, the nanny can only see the events in your calendar between 8am and 5pm.

  • Telephone numbers

Share them with all the members of your organisation in order for things to run smoothly and to anticipate the unexpected!

With the Coorganiz App, enter each person’s telephone number once and once only – now it is saved and all the co-organisers have access to it.

No more texts along the lines of: “Hey Emma, do you have the number of the baby-sitter? Thanks, Paul”

Or even better “Can you tell the baby-sitter that I’ll be late?”

Also share emergency contacts: we don’t wish it on you, but if your kid has a problem and you cannot be reached, it is better for the baby-sitter to have two emergency numbers.

  • Allergies

We all know that food allergies can be a source of stress and represent an organisational challenge. Here at Coorganiz, little Leo gets very sick if he is given gluten…

Therefore, don’t hesitate to share all your family’s food allergies with your co-organisers.


With the Coorganiz App you can share all the important documents. For example: prescriptions, a table with food requirements, etc.

These, in our opinion, are all elements that need to be shared for tip-top organisation.

And to get that tip-top organisation and save time, use the Coorganiz App !

Organizing yourself with others has never been easier !
Download Coorganiz and start coorganizing.