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Hygge”, pronounced “huu-ghh” – does this sound like caveman speech to you? Don’t be fooled; in Denmark, this term is synonymous with happiness.


“Hygge” actually represents all those little moments of joy that you can offer yourself, such as a hot bath after a long day at work, inviting friends to your house for a drink, spending more time with your children, etc.

When all of these moments are placed end to end, they constitute Danish-style well-being and happiness.

We at Co-organiz have discovered the recipe for the perfect “hygge” evening!

First of all, candles. They are the most important element of the evening. Did you know that the Danes burn a lot of candles, approximately 6kg per person per year?

For a “hygge” evening, place candles all over your interior and switch off all the artificial lights in order to create a “cocooning” atmosphere.

When it comes to the “hygge” decoration, opt for cosy objects like soft, squishy cushions.

Next, prepare a hot drink: tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate with marshmallows. You can also prepare a little treat to go with your drink. No calorie counting – for your “hygge” moment, what counts is pampering yourself and being able to relax.

In terms of clothing, we recommend wearing a comfortable outfit. Don’t imprison yourself in uncomfortable clothes. So swap your jeans for a tracksuit bottom or yoga pants (the most comfortable item of clothing in the world in my opinion) and slip into some big socks that are nice and warm.

The winters are very cold in Denmark, so thick socks are a necessity.

And to ensure that you don’t feel cold, wrap yourself in a nice warm blanket.

Finally, and this is the most important step, disconnect yourself. In other words, switch off your televisions, computers and telephones. No facebook notifications, messages, email or Snap. Yes, it’s difficult when you’re hooked on social networks – take it from one who knows.

You will see; it does you a power of good to disconnect from social networks for 1 hour. It will allow you to refocus on yourself and those dear to you.

So, to sum up, the Danish recipe for happiness relies entirely on life’s little pleasures and knowing how to enjoy the moment.


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