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Too organised or too laid-back? Here at Let’s Coorganiz we work on organisation from morning to evening… and we are always interviewing champions of organisation. So when the book The Joy of Leaving Your Shit All Over the Place: The Art of Being Messy came out, you can imagine that it hit us squarely on the chin. All the more so because the majority of mompreneurs and colleagues that we ask about their method all start by saying “I’m not particularly organised, but…”

So, too organised or too cool? How do you find the middle ground? Here is a list of criteria in order to see more clearly and above all to find the organisation that works for you!! Because organisation is like a pair of jeans; there is a model that suits everyone depending on your body (or your booty, but you got there before me, didn’t you!).

  • Do you feel like you are always running around and you want to take a breather? Use your organisational skills to create periods of time off. Block your diary, Delegate tasks, Get rid of useless things: become a Human Snow Shovel! The time you unlock will be the breathing space you need during which you plan…nothing. Let yourself go for a few quiet minutes every day. Quiet time, time out, a break, my time: choose whatever word suits you! Nathalie has her grown-up time: no children in the living room after 9pm! Sophie arrives at work early one day per week to be alone and think about important projects. And Marie takes a coffee by herself at lunchtime on Fridays… Draw inspiration from these tranquil moments to create one that suits you, and hold onto it!
  • Do you feel like you never manage to get things done and your to-do list is getting longer by the minute?  Become a Delegator! Yes indeed, many things you do can be done just as well by other people, unfortunately. You don’t have a monopoly on perfection… Choose three things that you are going to delegate this week: a school run, an activity, a project. And pass it on with no regrets. You’ll see – it’s crazy how well other people can do it. Your partner can drive the children to school perfectly well, your colleague can handle that project and your children don’t need you to put their dirty washing in the laundry basket every evening. Leave your superwoman cape in the cloakroom and look at the results.
  • Is your brain full of things to do that never get done? List them! Become a list maker. Writing things down can free your mind and makes things more real. Banish phrases like “I must… go to the dry cleaner’s, do some sport, send that letter, answer that email…” from your brain. Write them down and cross them off! Coaches recommend this in order to unclutter your mind and it can also be useful to tear up the lists if things get into overdrive. Alternatively, pick up a pen and cross off the things that are neither useful nor pleasant. It’s an old coaching technique: Is it useful? I’ll do it. Is it pleasant? I’ll do it. Both? I’ll definitely do it.


  • You’ve got a full diary, impeccable lists, but you have trouble breathing now and then because the bun in your hair is pinned so tightly? Shut everything down and become a Rebel! What do you mean your life will fall apart? Of course it won’t, darling! You are a machine, and machines need a service from time to time. We prescribe some computer and organisational rest. Do it one day a week, at the weekend to start with. You’ll see; the sky won’t fall down. Let others take the baton, what a crazy idea!

To summarise, you can draw inspiration from reading organisational gurus such as the tidy Marie Kondo or the untidy Jennifer Mc Cartney, but the main thing is to perform your own self-diagnosis and set the slider to ‘balance’. Now you know – you are the only one with the answer to where you will find balance, but it is important to look for it! We hope that this article has made you smile, and will make you reflect!

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