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What do you think about organizing a birthday together? After all, who hasn’t already had that idea? The problem is that when it comes down to it, when it really comes down to it, well… It’s always the same people who stick to it.

Yes, we know, you don’t have time, or a little inspiration breakdown? It happens even to the best, except that this time, there is no question of organizing everything by yourself, or making endless threads or no one finds the right info.

Here are our great tips to organize a birthday together!

Step 1, you assemble the super team

As tight as the Indestructible and even stronger than the Avengers, you only surround yourself with the best. Already got names in mind? Our advice: maximum 5 chief organizers otherwise it goes into epic considerations. For all the others, we must be drastic: it is those who are right. Inform them regularly about the progress of the project, on the other and it is always more fun.


Become a conductor in action


All the organizers are gathered (in Coorganiz? Even better!). Before you even tear your hair out on the birthday theme, start by listing the major workshops: theme, invitations, venue, menu, music, gift, activities. Sharing tasks, planning and exchanging knowledge and experience will form the basis of the event. They have to be clear, precise and rock solid! You will see that it is a saving of time and effort assured.

Form teams for each workshop, and brainstorm one night together for the theme. You don’t live in the same town? Be creative, start the theme day: You have 24 hours to submit themes and vote.

It’s the birthday theme hackaton: otherwise you’re still there 10 days later and it pisses everyone off (at least, me!)


And on the menu


We form a blue team for the salty, a read team for the sweet: worthy of a top chef!

Think simple: not everything has to be complicated or homemade. If you have two hours to do everything, you have to split up the shopping and the work.

The blue ones in the kitchen, the red ones in the décor. And yes, if taste counts, the visual is not to be neglected. A well-prepared Italian buffet quickly makes you forget frozen pizzas, the same for the western or blue fairy theme if it is a child’s snack.

For the cakes, we have selected two, three inspirations:

On the big bay !


The dress, the suit, the sequins, the champagne (always in moderation of course) we let go! Working as a team is good, reaping the rewards is better! For the music, everyone will have sent his 10 favorite hits to make a list that everyone likes: no need to fight, there is all night to dance!

In short, on D-Day, don’t stress anymore. The table is ready, the music is playing, the guests are on their way, in short, you can be proud of yourself!

This evening, you and your team created it, so we congratulate each other, applaud each other and say thank you to who? Thanks, team! (And also Coorganiz  😉)


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