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This little object has become such a big part of our daily lives, and it contains everything bit of precious information we own, so it’s time to organise it as best we can!`


According to one study, we pick up our smartphones between 100 and 225 times a day!

This little object has become such a big part of our daily lives, and it contains everything bit of precious information we own, so it’s time to organise it as best we can!

We questioned our super connected and super organised Coorganiz parents and came up with a few tips on how to best organise your smartphone.

Tip number 1 came up every time – put the applications that you use most often in the bottom bar of your smartphone : contacts, telephone numbers, Google, Music, Messages, Calendar… and also remember to delete the applications you never use!

But there are other tips…


Sort by page: 

Anne reveals:

“I created several pages on my telephone, so I have a work page with all the applications that I use on a daily basis for work, and there are quite a few of them! I created a family page, with all the organisational apps, including Coorganiz ;), along with my daughters’ games and other apps they use, so they don’t touch the other pages when they take my phone. I also have a personal page that I keep for myself with my social networks and sports apps, and also for my personal moments. There’s one last page with all the everyday apps, in other words, calendar, navigation, my notes, the settings and all of the phone’s default applications.”  



Sort by alphabetical order: 

Adèle prefers alphabetical order, and this is the default appearance for many Android phones.

“I can never find my way around the folders, and I never know which application is in which folder, so I find it difficult to navigate easily. I gave up the idea of doing it the way many of my friends do, and by organising everything alphabetically, I can easily find what I’m looking for because I know before or after which application I’ll find the app I’m looking for. Believe me, this saves me a lot of time!” 


Sort of colour: 

Marc is a wonderful dad, somewhat artistic, and above all, he has good visual memory. He tells us about his colour-coded organisation.

“Before, my applications were all over the place. I downloaded them one after another and I always had to look several times before I would find the one I needed. Now, I create folders that are colour coded – blue, red, pink/purple, black/grey, white, yellow/orange and I know that if I need to go into the settings of my phone, it’s grey-black, for Coorganiz it’s blue, to make a phone call it’s green and so on. At most I have 5 or 6 folders and everything is inside them. I find that quite practical and it’s quite attractive to look at. I play around with the backgrounds and wallpaper to make the colours stand out… that’s my artistic side! :)”


Sort by theme: 

Tim reveals that in his mind each application has a precise function, so he has created a folder for each theme.

“I have around ten folders on my phone, plus the applications that I use most often at the bottom, so that with one click I can contact the person I want, look for a number quickly and go online, but I also created a file for each function. I am a big music fan and I have a folder with all the MUSIC applications, either for listening to music or for making music or videos. Then I have a financial folder with all my bank accounts, and also exchange rates and stock market information; I have a social networks folder, an organisational folder with my diary, Cooorganiz and my notes; I have a games folder for my “geek” moments, a transport folder with train, plane, taxi, uber and public transport apps for every day, a navigation folder for anything to do with GPS, a photo folder for all my pictures and applications for enhancing or altering photos… That way I find everything without wasting time looking and I know exactly which app is in which folder.”


Sort of the frequency of use: 

Clara arranges her applications based on her use of them.

“I put the applications that I use most often in the top left of the screen and that way I have them under my nose, then the 4 others that I use most are in the bottom bar, but I don’t like folders and sorting, so I prefer to have everything to hand and I know that on my first page I have all my applications sorted according to how frequently I use them. This is the most practical solution for me, and I don’t have to download a whole load of other applications because the more apps you download the harder it is to sort them!”

So, there you have some ideas on how to organise your smartphone depending on your taste or your mood. 🙂

Perhaps you have another tip that our organised parents haven’t discovered yet?


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