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Do you feel like you have to say the same thing ten times over? (We know the feeling)

Here are a few organisational tips for sharing the right information once and for all, to stop wasting time (and stop being everyone’s Remembrall…. No – the mental load doesn’t stop here!) 


ID papers:

Scan them (we love Scanner Pro at Coorganiz) and store them to the Cloud, DropBox or GoogleDrive, to name but a few.

It’s always handy to have any important papers scanned in case you lose them, forget them, if you get pulled over or if your trip doesn’t go according to plan…  That brings back memories.

It can also be practical to share official papers with your family members, for example of your children are travelling.

Don’t forget to create parental consent forms that can be updated each time your child travels with the relevant date (scan the document and keep a copy in a plastic document holder. That way you don’t have to start the process all over again next year).

Social security numbers, allergies or any other information that could be important to someone else can easily be shared in your contact information.

Just 5 minutes is all it takes to enter the information the next time you are on the bus or train…



Go digital: this will take a little time if you haven’t done it yet. It’s worth it. Now you will no longer have the impression that the only envelopes that come through the door have windows… And you won’t have a pile of papers to sort through.

Create an intelligent mail box for all your bills, and you won’t have to deal with them more than once a month.

Don’t forget to share a bill with your partner once a month, in order to have an up-to-date proof of residence to hand….


Useless information: 

Pick up your phone again and look at all the information you have already passed on… who hasn’t already given the access code to the bin room a dozen times to our teenagers who think that we are an automatic distributor of mental space.

Apparently you are the only one capable of retaining this kind of essential knowledge. Make a note for each thing on your phone and share the information digitally, or on a board in your home if you are ‘old school’. You can also hang keys on the board, so that they are always in the same place.



Some of us are highly organised like Baptiste who has a list of things to remember when his little one goes to stay with Grandma, or Adeline who only likes the ham that comes from the butcher’s in the town centre.

The best thing to do is share these lists once and for all with the people around you: one simple click on Coorganiz from a Word document saved to your Drive or even a photograph of a handwritten list.

This is handy for troubleshooting, such as switching off an alarm system or setting up a folding cot (nobody said that your mother had to be a mechanic!)


Good tips: 

Are you the go-to person for good tips? Well, why not make a career of it and launch your own My Little London (a slightly less posh version), or alternatively save some time on this.

Several methods are available:

Create an account on Tripadvisor and keep a record of your every move.

When your friend Rodger the millstone asks you “Tell me Emma, how was your trip to Rome?” all you have to say is “It was good Rodger. Why don’t you follow me on Tripadvisor and you will have all the details about the itinerary and my hotel and restaurant recommendations.”

Are you more of a visual person? Leave your comments on Instagram with hashtags that will allow your followers to easily find you #paulasgreattips, along with places #colorsofRome.

No need to look up your information any more, Instagram will do it for you!

This is the first set of information that you can share with your family and friends. Ah, it’s such a relief not to have all this cluttering up my brain any more… or jotted down on dozens of pieces of paper!


PS: And if you like the idea of going digital for your organisation, use Coorganiz. With just one click, the app shares the documents, contacts, lists, tasks and events of your choosing.


You save time and gain peace of mind!

You’re welcome!



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