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How are you going to tidy in 2018?

At home or at the office, there’s a wave of tidiness spreading at the start of 2018…

Clear thoughts in a well-organised space – how does that sound? So, what are the tidying trends for 2018?

Realistic sorting! 

Forget the clean slate, to hell with Marie Kondo and her art of tidying; we’re not dreaming about minimalist interiors and empty cupboards any more. 2018 is the year of balance, so we are adopting the simple rule of 1 for 1. One toy enters, another toy leaves (easy!), a new coat enters, an old one leaves (less easy!), and that also works for your files or your projects. Yes, you’re going to have to learn to say NO, but you’re a realist now.

Solidarity rules! 

Give it away, give it away, give it away now… take a tip from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2018: empty some cupboards and do a good turn at the same time. Recycle your children’s clothes and toys or give them to an association that helps people in need, donate your unwanted books to Oxfam or your local library, and everything else to freecycle, the magical network for giving things away!

Autonomy first! 

Cinderella and the magic fairy can hang up their aprons – in 2018 everybody gets to tidy, including Prince Charming and the mice. Speaking of messy little mice, you will love the KidKraft toy boxes that are the right height for children, with colour codes to keeps things separate.

And of course you mustn’t forget the Tidy-Up Song: 3 minutes of joy every evening when tidying up. Try She’ll be coming round the mountain, because real tidying songs are a bit depressing.

Conscious tidying 

There are no tidying songs for us adults because we can tidy up in a jiffy: use something and put it away when you are finished. It’s the number one rule for home organisers! Are you finding it hard to change your habits? Follow the  7 week guide. And if you have a die-hard partner or colleague, opt for the Hotspot: s/he respects the common areas, but can leave a mess in one particular location.

We bet that if you put a “Tidy the hotspot” reminder in Coorganiz, you are sure to get a reaction, although we can’t guarantee what it might be. We tell you this in good conscience!


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