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When it comes to being well prepared for the arrival of another child, our organised parents say that these are some of the important steps.

Even the royals are doing it again – the latest news is that Kate and William will soon be welcoming another little prince or princess into the world… Let’s be honest, in the land of Mary Poppins and super nannies, it’s easier than when you live miles away from the nearest crèche, but even so, a new addition to the family or the arrival of a new child into the family takes quite a lot of organisation and causes genuine upheaval.


Here are some important steps along the path to being well-prepared for the arrival of another child according to our organised parents.


The right number? 

There are no hard and fast rules about going from 1 to 2 to 3 or even 4 children because each of these situations varies widely from one child to another and from one family to another.

However, it does appear to be the case that with the arrival of the first child the mummy tends to take on the mental load, and the more children that arrive, the more it increases.

It is worthwhile having a discussion with your partner about each other’s expectations, and don’t hesitate to go into the details of your daily lives.

What does another child mean for each of you on a daily basis?

“There are no bad questions,” coach Veronica insists. That’s for sure!

So, while talking about travel and childminders and space in the house or the car is much less fun than imagining what your future little angel will look like, talking about it means that you are already thinking about solutions.


Keep changes to a minimum: 

Another child is like a little tsunami!

That is why if you can wait before you change houses, jobs or childminders, it will be easier on all concerned.

“We moved when we had our 3rd child without bringing up questions of travel and isolation. I thought we were going to share the journeys but my partner didn’t think that anything was going to change, and he continues to leave just as early in the morning… between Baby and the move, I felt like I was carrying everything alone,” confides Marielle.

When everything changes, change nothing! There will be plenty of time to change later on when you have a better picture of what is in store for you both.


Picture the return to work: 

What?! I’m on maternity leave, I haven’t even given birth yet and you want me to think about going back to work? Yes we do, and we already wrote about it in Vanessa’s article. During your pregnancy is when you need to prepare your return to work or the time to think about what you want to do next.

The working world will not wait for you. After 5 years of professional experience women already ask for promotion less often than men.

So can you imagine what it’s like after a baby? Resignation is not your thing!

Talk about it with your boss and try to picture your daily life with another child.

It’s time to anticipate and to get co-organised!



With each child, we get better at it… mums and dads.

“It’s true that we were less worried when baby number 3 cried, and we were less anxious about leaving him with someone else for a few hours”, rejoice Salma and Eric. 

We also know where things may go wrong, and the things that don’t change.

“I remember having a big case of the blues after one month without sleep. This time, I was ahead of the game. My husband can’t do nights because he works at a hospital, so my son stayed with my mother one weekend. It was unthinkable with our first child, but seemed perfectly possible with the second. I got some sleep and I was able to spend some time with my older child, who is still having trouble adjusting to getting a little brother.”

So there you are, some advice for preparing for the arrival of a new child. Don’t forget to talk to the people around you to keep the mental load under control.


Here at Coorganiz, we help you to delegate well in your daily life and to get organised, but a little chat about who is going to take the baby to nursery next year can’t do any harm… not to mention the little chat about your future promotion when you get back from maternity leave!!


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