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Are you a working Mum?

Our great tips to better organise your day as a working Mum with practical and technological advice!

Here are 5 tips from organised parents we have chosen that may allow you to win back some precious minutes in your daily life as a busy Mum!

Better organisation doesn’t mean changing everything – it’s about optimising what we already do and lessening the daily load.


Find the points of friction

Have you noticed that it’s always the same times that cause trouble during the week. Some families are clearly not morning types, others don’t function well in the evening and some mums find that they lose too much time during the day. Identify these periods of tension and make them a priority in your new daily organisation. “Sick and tired of rushing around in the morning, now I prepare everything the night before: clothes, breakfast and even the shoes beside the front door. That way it’s more relaxed, less of a race against time – above all we actually save time” reveals Marine, a social worker and mother of two primary school boys.


Set up routines

Children adore them… and us busy Mums do too! Always put things in the same place, have one pizza night, or do things in the same order all the time. “We get undressed while singing a song: I take off my t-shirt (and put it in the laundry basket), I take off my jumper (and fold it)…the children love it and everything is tidy.”


Have bags for each activity

Swimming pool, tennis, picnic… the activities that happen every week. Have bags that contain all the equipment and put the clothes back in immediately after each wash. Save time and get peace of mind instead of getting cross on the way out the door.


Change your storage systems

Tidy things by use instead of by family. I’ll explain: when you make a bed, you need a fitted sheet, duvet cover and matching pillow case, right? So store them together, all inside the sheet. No more wasting time looking for each item. The same rule can apply at your desk when it comes to archiving: which documents do you always open together? Store them together.


Share information better

Use the Coorganiz App – simply send it a message when you think of something and it will automatically create a task for the relevant person and remind them at the right moment. Isn’t that magic! No more endless texting or repeating yourself. There’s a lot to be said for good technology. We’re addicts!


So now you know, to save time, take a moment to observe what you already do and better organise your everyday life. Don’t be afraid of technology and best practices!

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