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Carreau du Temple – Paris, 10am on 28 November 2017. The Coorganiz team has set up the stand to take part in the Grand Prix Avis de Mamans (Mums’ Review Awards). Avis de mamans is a French magazine and website where mothers can offer their opinions about different everyday products, making it a great guide to consult before making a purchase. If you’re not familiar with it, click here!

Lots of different brands are on display here, representing different worlds.

Come visit with us!

In the Food category, we loved the banana squares made by the Good Goût brand, a blend of cereals, milk and banana. The composition is sweet and light, with no added sugar and a nice fruity taste!

The BandaDry by Le Diamant de bébé was in the Creative category. It is a bib made from natural components that is absorbent and dries quickly, meaning that it prevents redness caused by dribbling when baby is teething. No more irritation caused by wiping with a bib or towel. Your child’s clothes are protected and the bandana bib adapts to any style with a round or v-shaped neck. Wash it at 30°, it dries in 10 minutes, and you’re good to go again!

In the early learning category, the interactive early learning picture book by Fleurus editions invites your child to discover colours, numbers and letters. The cover and the last 9 pages of the picture book can be seen in augmented reality using the free application for telephones and tablets! Early learning version 2.0. 🙂

Now the product that took us by surprise is the “nezpirateur” by Kids Para in the Babycare and Hygiene category. You attach it to your household vacuum cleaner to aspirate baby’s nose in a gentle and efficient way. Don’t make that face! We were a little taken aback too, but it works perfectly! The “nezpirateur” lets you clean baby’s nose using your household vacuum cleaner and it is of course perfectly safe!

In the Nomad category, from an organisational point of view Coorganiz adored the concept of the Multi by Canailles Dream which is a 6-in-1 multi-purpose case – changing table, bath-tub, recliner, bed… it’s really practical for going away on holiday or for the weekend. The Multi is a space saver and also a time saver when you travel with an infant!

We also like the YOYO push-chair by Babyzen for Air France, which is a unique stroller that is the first of its kind to be accepted in the cabin of an aircraft! You don’t have to worry what to do about the push-chair the next time you fly – it is very compact and it will travel with you!

And in the digital category: COORGANIZ won the prize! We met some great people and spent an intense, but very pleasant couple of days with lots of blogger parents who are very high-tech!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Coorganiz!

Do you know about all these new products? Perhaps you have already tested them? Or have we given some ideas that will make your letter to Santa Claus even longer? 🙂


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