Coorganiz at work

Quality of life at work is also a question personal balance. Parents, caregiver or volunteering in their community: each member of the team faces daily organisation challenges with consequences on their worklife.

Coorganiz is the perfect digital solution to actively support your team balance and organisation. More time and less stress make happier and more productive teams!

Coorganiz adapts to all sizes of team!
SMEs and large companies
Innovate within the framework of your CSR policy by facilitating the daily organisation of your staff members with a Coorganiz premium subscription.

Act actively in favour of shared family responsibilities and support those who have to organise the daily life of a loved one by offering your staff Coorganiz premium.
Start-ups and SOHOs
From work to home, one solution in enough! Coorganiz allows you to organise your team in the wink of an eye – staff, partners and service providers.

It also enables your team to manage their personal and professional schedules and tasks in a single view.

Give your staff Coorganiz premium so that they can organise their personal and professional lives in a single view. Daily balance is important.

Join the companies that look to Corganiz to sustain quality worklife and productive business outcome!

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For any company subscription, Coorganiz offers a one-year premium subscription to the association of your choice to facilitate its daily organisation with its members and volunteers.
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Worklife matters! Coorganiz adapts to each personnal situation, and support team members effectively in their schedule organization.

Jack, 56 

Coorganiz helps me organizing my personnal and professionnal life more easily.

Elody, 34