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As life gets busier and busier, keeping track of everything you need to get done can be a challenge. What better way to stay on top of things than by using the one piece of technology you always carry with you: your smartphone. Here’s a guide to the absolute best Android apps for keeping organized and increasing your productivity. Note that many if not all these options are available on iOS as well.

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Google Keep

Keep provides basic note-taking experiences, but as a Google app, it’s well-integrated on most Android phones and easy to learn. Beyond adding milk to the grocery list at any time, Keep can also hit you with alerts. And, of course, it links up perfectly with the full Google network, including Calendar, Maps, and any Gmail email address.

Google Keep is free.


While not as well-suited for individual tasks, Trello is the perfect app if your daily agenda is all part of a bigger project. You can organize everything into a series of boards, each of which houses its own lists full of notes, tasks, pictures, links, and more. It gives lots of flexibility in visualizing things in ways that work for you. You can customize the color of cards in Trello to prioritize important or time-sensitive tasks. You can set deadlines and dates for members on your Trello board, making it a great shared calendar for a group.

Trello has two optional subscriptions, but most of its features (including unlimited members) are available for free in the default option of the app.


A long-time favorite on iOS, Evernote is an organization app also available on Android. It offers the same basic functionality of Google Keep but with many more features. Our favorite part? You can make voice reminders, for when you’re on the run but absolutely need to make sure you don’t forget something. It also helps that Evernote saves to the cloud and syncs its content between multiple platforms, so whether you’re on your iPhone, desktop computer, tablet, or laptop, you’ll have access.

Evernote provides basic access free, which allows you to access files on a maximum of two devices. You can increase that by subscribing to Evernote Plus for $3.99 a month. Evernote’s Premium subscription offers more bonuses, such as the ability to access your information offline, for $7.99 monthly.


If you’re looking for a digital tool that can help with collaboration between you and a small group of friends, Asana is the single best option. Like Trello but with more flexibility, Asana is the ideal app for laying out and tracking multiple, sometimes overlapping jobs, with the ability to assign tasks to different members. This will help with management of not only where you are in your workload, but where your partners, coworkers, or family are as well. It’s an ideal shared calendar for work.

Asana’s free version offers unlimited tasks and projects for up to 15 team members. For more users, you’ll need to subscribe to the business membership for $9.99 per month, which also earns you special community support features.


When it comes to total organization, Coorganiz makes a name for itself as more than just a productivity tool. It’s free version allows mobile access, the ability for shared to-dos and calendars, direct messaging and chatting. If that’s not enough the free version also allows file sharing between members.

While the free version is jam-packed with amazing features, for just $4.99 a month or $49.99 annually, Coorganiz steps the game up with their Premium functionality:

  • All mobiles access.
  • Shared calendar.
  • Shared tasks and to-do list.
  • Chat and direct contacts.
  • Shared documents.
  • Web and tablet access.
  • Unlimited organizations.
  • Week view.
  • Multiple reminders.
  • Events and tasks by SMS.
  • Journal.


TripIt isn’t a to-do list app, but it is utterly invaluable for organizing travel. With TripIt, you can gather all of your flight info, hotel reservations, appointments, and more in one simple spot. This info is accessible from your phone, iPad, or computer, and it allows syncing into Google Calendar all on its own. Nothing else deals with the stress of getting organized for travel better.

Most of TripIt’s functionality is free. For $49 a year you can sign up for a TripIt Pro account, which provides real-time flight alerts and will help you search for replacement flights if necessary.


For a more stripped-down, traditional program, look no further than Any.Do. Like Evernote, it allows you to make entries with voice and even add images. It has simplified navigation settings and is more focused on productivity, allowing you to schedule notifications on your phone that can be tied to time or location. Any.Do also includes its own built-in calendar and daily planner. It’s one of the best shared calendar apps.

Any.Do is free, while a Premium version is available for between $2.09 and $2.99 a month, depending on whether you want access on one device or more. Premium adds more customization options and lifts size restriction on attachments.

Microsoft To-Do

While Microsoft isn’t traditionally known for elegant tech design, Microsoft To-Do might be one of their best software creations yet. That’s because it’s made by a team known for Wunderlist, a fantastic, simple older program. Beyond its good-looking interface, Microsoft To-Do emphasizes functionality and management, allowing users to easily reorganize schedules around and plan the day as productively as possible. It doesn’t have a traditional calendar, requiring users to swap to some other option.

Microsoft To-Do is free, and it works on Windows, Mac, and iOS as well as Android, allowing you to sync between all platforms. Even iPhone users are welcome!


With a clean and simple look comparable to Microsoft To-Do, TickTick is an intuitive and easy to understand app. It offers cross-device syncing and statistics that help you track how much you’ve got done and just how much work is left. You can switch to a useful calendar view, and it also allows you to place an agenda on your phone’s home screen, allowing you to mark off jobs as you complete them throughout the day.

TickTick offers much of its functionality for free in its basic mode. For $27.99 a year, you can purchase a Premium account, which allows you to track more items at any one time.

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