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Keeping your own life in order can be hard enough; when you bring in a group of friends or family, things can get downright chaotic.

It’s easy enough to find a corporate online agenda company for help with a job, but heavy-duty software may be too complicated. Here’s a guide to one of the simplest solutions to get everyone working together without pouring a ton of resources into it.

A Calendar built for Two (or more)

Before technology, we were stuck using calendars all alone. These days, there are dozens of apps and online tools that allow you to share your plans with friends. An online calendar is by far one of the best choices for keeping a group of people in the loop, and they’re generally easy to learn.

By default, most digital planners will only show personal entries. With some work, though, these applications can do much more than tell you when your next meeting is. Though features differ between brands, most of these tools allow you to share with folks around the world.

Within your online planner of choice, you should be able to find an option to create a new digital calendar. We suggest giving it a clear, easy-to-understand name. For example, if you’re trying to piece together how to organize a vacation with friends, create one named “Our Vacation 20something.”

If your online scheduling allows you management of the color scheme of entries, take advantage of it. Make event posts a notably different color from your personal calendar, so that they stand out and you don’t get personal entries mixed up with entries for this special group.

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Tips for Sharing with Friends and Family

Your friends may not even know what organization tools are, but getting them synced up with your digital planner doesn’t have to be a painful process.

  • Most online calendars allow sharing via e-mail. Your friends or family may be required to go through registration for a login to the website you’re using, but most of these have no cost. If some in your group are still unwilling to sign up, there are some public options available. Be sure to search around!
  • Beyond simply sharing, some of these tools can also be embedded on a website or downloaded onto Android or iPhone devices. Ideally, it should be accessible wherever you go.

Your planning doesn’t need to be bland. On many sites, individual entries can include directions, attachments, and even links to other websites or media that can be shared on a calendar and within a specific day. The best online planners allow you to view your schedule in a list design that’s perfect for specific events, like a conference meeting, or daily occurrences, like a child’s school itinerary. Online scheduling can be an incredible organization tool for business and personal life alike. When it comes to group planning, these tools are unbeatable.

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