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Holidays are so filled with too many activities that it’s very difficult to keep yourself together. The bustle and hustle of this period come with all sorts of things like taking care of parties, travel, and so on. With so many things to be involved in, you get easily overwhelmed. If you are looking for tips on how to organize your tasks, there are varieties of applications that are designed to keep you together and ensure everything runs smoothly and itch-free.

Keep Up With your Tasks with Any.do

If you are looking for the ultimate to-do list application for your smartphone, Any.do is your best day-by-day to-do list planner. Apart from the fact that the application will remind you all about your tasks, alarms can also be scheduled into its calendar so that you remember everything. From your children’s mid-term parties to work holiday parties, Any.do will help you stay organized during the season. Also, Any.do can add tasks through email, which enables you to share a common to-do list with your family members.


  • Unique daily review.
  • Great sharing capabilities.
  • Available on many platforms.
  • Sophisticated design.


  • Key features restricted to the paid version.

Keep Yourself Sorted With Coorganiz

Coorganize is an application that is made to make your life generally easier. Coorganiz takes care of absolutely everything: creates tasks and events, warns and reminds users automatically. Also, this application can be synchronized across multiple platforms, which enables you to have access to the application from all your devices. In general, this is an excellent software that is sure to help organize your break.


  • Creates tasks and events.
  • Automatic reminder.
  • Sync across many devices.
  • Messaging system.


  • Nothing to complain about.

Track Your Spending With Slice

If you are planning to do any shopping online this year, and you want to ensure your presents are delivered quickly, the Slice is your go-to app. With Slice, your packages will be tracked from shipment to delivery, and you will also be updated on vital news about your purchases like recalls. This special application ensures all your presents are delivered where and when you intend. Tracking your presents from shipment to delivery makes this software awesome, as you can send goodies to your loved ones no matter how far away they are. Slice can be used on both androids and iPhones.


  • Tracks your package.
  • Provides shipping info.
  • Notifies users on the price change.
  • Easy to use.


  • Works only with big companies.

Christmas Gift List Tracker

If you are looking for someone that will help keep an eye on all your Xmas gift purchases, then stop your search. You don’t need someone, you need an application. This app will track the amount of money and the number of presents you have purchased for each person included in your list and it archives your gifts automatically as soon as the New Year comes around.


  • Provides complete breakdown.
  • Tracks your purchases.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It prevents you from overspending.


  • Lags sometimes.

The holiday is always a busy period for many people that they often forget the important things. However, there is no excuse for forgetting anything again as there are now applications that will lend you a helping hand so that no stone is left unturned and nothing is left unattended to.

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