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The best to-do list application is always the one that works best for you. One reason behind the persisting popularity of paper-pen-based methods is that they can pay special attention to your personal needs. Speaking of family to-do apps, they come in handy and they are great means of properly scheduling your family tasks and calendar ahead: widgets to track various commitments, or checklist of events to attend combined with your daily chores.

Task juggling is a vital skill in the world of today. From present buying to holiday planning, from that office document, you promised to forward to your boss before the day runs out to picking up some groceries for dinner, remembering everything at a goal can be daunting sometimes. Do not fret – your smartphone or iOS can save your people from being suffocated with the pressure of tasks. There’s a wide range of apps created to help you pull through your tasks effortlessly.


What Should You Look for in a To-Do App?

There’re many qualities to look forward to in a decent to-do list app. First of all, you must appreciate however it looks. This is serious on the ground that it could be difficult to schedule your tasks on an app with a disgusted look. Secondly, a to-do app must give you a wide range of tools for shaping your tasks.

For instance, you need to swiftly sort your personal tasks from the home tasks, or arrange them all based on due date, or which ones are past due. Whatever your situation is, all tasks should be arranged swiftly and easily. You should have the capacity to schedule alarms in order to get notifications about you need to do when it is time, or when you’re in the area where the task needs to be done. The following features are important in a to-do app:

  • User-friendly task management
  • Matching tasks in handy task lists
  • Smart home screen widgets display promptly what to do
  • Intelligent notifications just when you need them
  • Syncing with Google that works

Six of the best ones to try

While there are many to-do list apps, not all of them can be regarded as family checklist apps. Below are the best task planners for families. Most of the apps on this list are free to use, but even those that aren’t totally free are come with free features that you can use without a subscription.


Microsoft adored this to-do application so much, it purchased the company that created it in June 2015. Cheerfully, it hasn’t been closed down since, as is regularly the result of such buys. Wunderlist is arguably the simplest to-do application available for beginners. Making and sharing tasks is simple, as is setting up due dates for completing them – and constant reminders so you wouldn’t miss out.

Utilizing Wunderlist to team up on records with associates and relatives is easy, and its smartwatch app is a valuable means to quickly look into your lists when shopping, for instance. Like the vast majority of these applications, Wunderlist is freemium. You need to pay £3.99 monthly to get full access to highlights like subtasks and file sharing– something primarily for power users.

Google Keep

Google Keep is not only for to-do – it is also valuable for keeping notes, photographs and even sound recordings that you would prefer not to lose in your gadget. As a component of that, however, it is a viable application for monitoring your tasks and marking them off when completed. Similarly, with Gmail, there’s a decent system of colors and labels to differentiate various parts of the household’s activities: work, holiday, and school for instance. There are likewise some clever alert systems: the capacity to set location-related alarms for instance, which is great if you are a distracted kind prone to meander past a grocery store without remembering that you require more teabags.


In the event that you require a dedicated task planner, then Todoist merits looking at. It’s one of the most popular apps around the world, with a proven effectiveness over the years. You can even sign in with your Google account or Facebook profile, and the beginning is as easy as composing your first task and clicking submit. Creating new assignments is just as easy — type your undertaking and click enter.

You can likewise set a due date for the work to be done, and align an importance to the assignment, and also moving it to a group of related tasks. Finishing assignments include marking off the box at the side of the assignment, and there is a certain fulfillment to be had simply marking off tasks — although you’re overlooking what’s really important in the event that you just create assignments to finish them off.


Another application on this rundown that accompanies a huge amount of different options, Evernote is maybe the go-to application for note keeping. Much like Google Keep, it bolsters different means of taking notes and updates, including voice notices, full records, and photographs. Evernote makes this a stride further, however, with the capacity to include video and attached PDFs or Word documents to your checklists.

Like Google Keep, whenever you add a comment, it will match up across all your devices, yet not at all like Keep, there is a possibility to access your files offline — but that’s only possible on the premium version, which clearly comes with an entire pontoon of additional options, such as extra storage, offline access, share calendar, and the ability to lockdown your notebooks with password.


Formally, Trello is known as a project administration tool, however, it’s optimal for when you are trying to sort out your household’s calendar. You can make boards to compose different parts of day-to-day activities, before including tasks and checklists. A remarking feature, and also the choice to include photographs and videos guarantees that you can stay ahead of everything, from the monthly basic needs to a big domestic event.


Unmistakably laid out, Any.do provides broad syncing support. You can utilize cloud match up to switch flawlessly between your iPad, iPhone, Android, and desktop, which means you’re always aware of what’s happening in your life and that of your loved ones. Gesture support has drag-and-drop feature, with a shake to delete completed assignment from the checklist. Things even get faster with auto-suggestions.

These six options offer comparative features, however, every application has unique options that are as special as you. Go for the app that best answers your needs, and you’ll soon be marking off finished tasks on your iOS and other platforms with a beautiful smile.

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