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If you want to set up a shared calendar which allows your schedule to be pulled up easily on your Android or iPhone within seconds, you should use an app. Installing the best app for sharing a calendar between multiple people is something which is relatively easy to do since there are so few options in this area of technology. However, thankfully there are some options that are finally starting to develop and further organize our lives.

Having a shared calendar with other people allows you to use Apple iOS devices easily with other ones since they use the same application. Since the applications from separate smartphones can easily share calendars and meetings to the same application, it allows cross-device functionality in a simple manner. It allows you to have all aspects of our lives organized, including our family.

10 Reasons Coorganiz is A Great Choice

Tracking all your professional information when it really matters is difficult to do. A shared family calendar app for Android and other platforms is already difficult enough. Besides Google, there aren’t really options for having a stable calendar which can be logged into using your computer and smartphone. Here are 10 reasons why Coorganiz is perhaps the best option around.

1. There Isn’t Really Much Competition

Although there are already some options, many of them don’t really receive much cross-platform use of iOS and other models of smartphones. The best app for a family to-do list isn’t very easy to find. This is one of the great reasons that Coorganiz attracts people who use any of the main brands of smartphones. Sure, there are some pretty decent file-sharing platforms. However, none of them can keep up with the inclusion of other key items all on one platform.

2. Shares Much More Than Events

Both of the separate apps from the popular stores of smartphones will easily share featuresevents, and much more. This allows people to sync lists, calendars, and to-do lists between iPhone and Android and keep track of everything on one application. Coorganiz also works harmoniously with top file-sharing applications. This makes it a great platform for combining the life of your family together all on one platform.

3. Also Helps Organize Your Professional Routine

Not many apps also come with the ability to create a professional to-do list and time scheduler on the same mechanism. Since the apps will also allow you to share your tasks and to-do’s easily with all other co-workers, you can easily share updates with your boss. Since this can be used both professionally and at home, it allows you to help organize your professional and home routine. This helps you filter out your communication a lot better.

4. Keeps Your Chatting in One Place

It can be a hassle to send e-mails back and forth or to communicate on a platform that can easily become mixed with your personal routine. It is sometimes best to keep strict and easy communications on one platform for certain things and leave other ones for other aspects of your daily routine. On Coorganiz, you can communicate within seconds and also send larger documents if need be.

5. Completely Free to Try

One of the best things about Coorganiz is that it is completely free to try. Many people tend to stick to the main aspects of the application and don’t really care to have any unnecessary upgrades. These people will be happy to have all the things mentioned above completely free. However, there are also certain options which are only available if you get a premium subscription.

6. Receive SMS Updates on an Event

Not many apps can make your cell phone fully prepare for a calendar event on a separate application. When this time comes, it is convenient to know if something changes, if it is moved to another day, and so on. When you get a premium subscription, you will instantly know when a calendar event gets updated. In fact, it can even come in an SMS text message if you wish. SMS can be the most convenient means of notification for many.

7. Use on Both Computer and Smartphone

Another common occurrence in the world of today’s is the trend of using both smartphones and personal computers. If this is the case, you likely also want to have many of the same applications and integrate as much as possible on both. With a premium subscription to Coorganiz, you can easily pull up all of your calendar information for your entire family with the click of a button.

8. Works With Dropbox and Google Drive

Many people already use these apps, which will make them easy to use when the time comes to use their files with Coorganiz. Both of the these have the ability to look at other documents. However, none of them come with the chatting and organization mechanisms that Coorganiz has. This means that you can still make your files and add them to your favorite existing platform if it’s either of these options.

9. Multiple Reminders are Available

Forgetting things is normal, but in few situations is it socially acceptable. If you commit to something, it is always better to hold your end of the stick. People who really like to make sure that meet deadlines or have many different commitments should consider a system for a reminder. Having reminders will help ensure that you will meet all your deadlines and remember to complete certain tasks on time.

10. Create an Event with One Message

When the time comes for updating your calendar comes, it’s nice to get things done easily. Many other applications and online platforms that have a feature for calendar events typically require you to fill out forms. This can get very annoying. Thankfully, with Coorganiz, this isn’t the case. A simple message will be all you need to create a new event for your calendars.

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