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After running with a friend in the early morning, a young professional might drop off the dry-cleaning and check voice messages. Perhaps there’s time for a quick phone call with a loved one on the way to work.

Once they reach the office, these hard workers jump into their priorities like it’s a game they can win, pushing forward with energy and power. Breaks are used for organizing a to-do list on their Android or fitting in seven-minute workout routines.

When the workday ends, responsibilities continue. Some head out for long-planned reunions with old friends or dates with new romances. Others grab children from daycare. They shop, visit after-hours medical clinics, hit the gym and sometimes when it’s possible, they stop and take a breath.

One day can be just that busy.

As professionals across every industry—even home ones—struggle to strike a balance, they often turn to productivity apps like priority lists and shared calendars on an iPhone or other Apple device to gather and simplify their obligations.

Time Management Using Basic Shared Calendars

Sharing calendars is one of the best ways groups can stay focused on common events. Meetings, family events, travel time and other items can be viewed by everyone in the group, and there are a number of good calendars available for Apple devices to help manage these events.

Here are just a few:

  • Google Calendar can be shared in a view-only format for those who just need to keep tabs on each other. Group calendars can be edited by group participants.
  • Teamup allows color coding for different jobs, projects, and team members. It can simplify big events like tradeshows by replacing complicated agendas with one colorful schedule.
  • Cozi is a shared scheduling system targeted mostly toward families. There are sections for storing recipes, a shopping list, and daily priorities.

Time Management Using Prioritized Task Apps

Some applications go beyond calendars to prioritized items. Here are a few of the top choices available in iOS formats—and why they make a difference.

Top To-do Apps:

Todoist is a task manager that ranks 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Google Play store.

Users prioritize tasks and set due dates (or recurring due dates). Tasks can be categorized into areas like work travel, grocery shopping, important meetings, play dates and other customizable classifications.

To-do items can be delegated as part of shared projects, which eases managing of work groups or family situations. The app also includes functions that track daily progress on goals and set different priority levels using a color system.

Todoist syncs with a wide variety of devices and integrates well with other software applications like Amazon Alexa, DropBox, and others. Users can also set up their favorite agenda systems to show shared Todoist tasks for group work, using any calendars that allow users to subscribe to a URL feed.

The basic version is free. The premium package includes the ability to set prompts or alerts for tasks, search and e-mailing task capabilities. It costs $28.99 per year.

Wunderlist and Microsoft To-Do

Wunderlist ranks 4.6 out of 5 stars in the Google Play store.

Reminders, e-mail options, adding notes and search come as part of the Wunderlist basic package, which is free. As in Todoist, tasks can be categorized and viewed in daily and weekly formats. Users can share tasks and comment back and forth.

Updating to Wunderlist Pro costs $4.99 per month. The pro version allows users to create subtasks, removes the ceiling for assignments on shared lists, and gives them unlimited access to files.

Microsoft purchased this app in 2015. It’s still available for purchase, but will eventually be replaced by Microsoft To-Do, which currently ranks 4.0 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store.

Right now, Microsoft To-Do is a fairly simple app. Its main selling point is a fresh daily list that encourages users to focus on the most immediate priorities. Microsoft is integrating many Wunderlist functions into Microsoft To-Do.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to prioritize tasks in Microsoft To-Do manually, and it doesn’t integrate well with programs like the automation app Zapier. Integrating shared calendars for a group is also currently difficult. It’s worth watching to see if things change as Wunderlist attributes are brought in.

Habitica is a task manager app that aims to make daily life fun. It incorporates role-playing-game characteristics—complete a task, earn a reward—to motivate users to keep working on their goals. Priorities can be split into dailies and to-do sections.

It ranks 4.3 in the Google Play store. Collaboration is social. Users can battle monsters together as they level up by completing tasks.

Investigate Other Top-Ranking Task Management Apps Available in iOS Format

  • Any.do is an application that includes to-do properties, a scheduling program of its own, and an assistant to help manage tasks. The basic version is free. The premium version ranges from $2.09 to $2.99 per month and includes unlimited collaboration.
  • Carrot To-Do is advertised as a task management app with a personality. Apparently, completing tasks keeps the app from getting angry.
  • Remember the Milk includes tasks, subtasks, as many categories as a user wants, and easy one-line task additions. Tasks can be delegated. The app integrates well with Microsoft Outlook and Google systems, including Gmail.

There’s a downside to having so many terrific shared calendars and to-do applications available. Some of them are too simple to meet user needs. Some are too complex, so they take more time to learn than users want to invest, and some don’t integrate well with other programs.

Users also need to consider whether the app they’re interested in comes in iOS format. Syncing programs from an iPhone or Android to a laptop or other device allows users to stay on task no matter where they’re at.

Coorganiz: Taking the Cake with an All-in-One Multi-Platform Application

Whether you are looking for a list organizer, to-do, digital planner or calendar, there is an app for it. Fortunately, there are also power apps that bundle a magnitude of features together in order to offer an all-inclusive solution. Coorganiz does just this. It is a conglomeration of all the best planning and task management features found in one place. Do you need ten apps or one?

At the moment, it’s a so-many-options, so-little-time scenario, but with a little looking and some luck, workers seeking the perfect balance might just find the perfect solution.

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