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If you’re looking to better organize your belongings, you might want to consider using special tools to do so. While there are things like boxes and folders you can use, one of the most popular things to use nowadays are online organizational tools. These include everything from shared calendars to timers that you can use.

If you want to better organize your things and time, you should consider using these helpful tools. Below you’ll learn more information about how they can help you and some recommendations you can use to ensure you stay on track. Keep reading to find out more.

Why Use Them?

While it might seem like these tools wouldn’t do a very good job at helping to keep you organized, this isn’t so. These apps are uniquely created to ensure that you stay updated and knowledgeable on any details and info necessary for your project. Better yet, they’re also very easy to learn how to use so you don’t have to be a tech whiz to be able to use them.

Besides these reasons, they also help to reduce stress because they’re keeping you organized. You don’t have to worry about missing specific details about a certain event because these tools will keep you up-to-date on everything. Better yet, they’re also located online so you don’t have to worry about investing in extra tools to keep things neat which can sometimes take up space. You’ll be able to access these tools anywhere because they can work on practically every type of device.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you use these, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  • The cost.

Depending on your needs, you might only be looking to invest in a free management application or you might instead be willing to pay for extra settings. It’s important to keep this in mind as they all have their own settings and sometimes investing in one might be worth it to obtain extra settings.

  • The features.

These are important, but look to make sure the management application isn’t overwhelming for you to use with numerous settings. Be sure to check for things like color-coding, checklists, and the ability to post links.

  • Group settings.

If you want to help better organize a business or family outing, you’ll want to see if these tools, like a shared calendar, will allow you to set groups settings so you can add multiple people to certain groups.

Management Tools You Can Use

There are plenty of management tools you can use to help you get better organized. Below are some resources you can consider using.


Coorganiz is one of the top organizational software tools you can use for both your work and daily life. It includes different methods you can use to help better keep your info stored in one place. For instance, you’ll find a diary where you can write out important notes, a task checklist where you can monitor what you need to do, and have document sharing abilities with others. There’s also a privacy protection service where you can limit who sees what on the application if you have private info you don’t want to share. In addition to this, Coorganiz also offers a unique feature where you can record notes, make tasks, and send alerts to other participants with the help of the Coorganiz assistant. There’s also a Premium version you can use that includes additional settings, like color coding, invitation making, and even the ability to send texts to others in your groups.


If you often have trouble remembering your passwords for certain sites, this secure software tool is ideal for you to consider using. It will help you to manage the passwords you have for various sites in one spot and you can even set a master password with this tool so you can access every site you have an account for with it. In addition to this, LastPass will help you by suggesting strong password ideas you can use to help better secure your info. This online tool has a free version you can use as well as a premium one which includes a few extra settings that the free one doesn’t. The subscription though for the premium one isn’t much and is a monthly fee.


If you enjoy using many different types of applications, like social accounts, but find it difficult to manage all of them, Zapier is something you should consider using. This software is designed to help take all the website applications that you use and store them in one place. So, instead of having to visit multiple places to do certain things, you can link Zapier up with the other applications so that this function only has to be performed once. In other words, it helps to save you time and from having to go on various platforms to send the same attachments and documents numerous times. This makes it ideal especially for a business to use.


Unroll.Me is a helpful tool that can work to clear out your email inbox from the influx of junk mail. This free service will work to list all of the sites you have an account for and lets you choose which one you receive emails for. The ones that you choose not to receive mail from will instead be sent via a Rollup email which contains all of the mail you received from all the sites during the day. If you’re having trouble with keeping your inbox clean and organized, this is an excellent tool to consider using.

These online tools are the perfect way to help you stay organized with your project and keep your online devices, and even your daily life, free from clutter. Many of these are free and come with special settings which can help to make organizing everything from junk emails to your daily schedule easier.

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