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Using to-do lists are helpful for an array of different reasons. Outside of helping you jot down information on daily projects or to help track your weekly and monthly production, there are many more great reasons to use them. For instant reminders and needing to have the most features possible, many have started using an app to do this for them.

In today’s world, time management can be rough. That is why you need to pursue the best possible calendar and project resources available. Most importantly, you should always stay educated on all the old and new ways to stay organized. Here is a couple to consider.

Using an App for To-Do List Management

Outside of having a shared to-do that you can distribute among all trusted individuals in your family who uses a smartphone, there are various reasons why many might decide to use an application. Many in the professional world also are drawn to them since they can help their companies get an edge on production.

Why Use an Application?

An application is much more than just a simple to-do app which only provides a basic mechanism for you to keep a couple notes. With a modern one like Coorganiz, you can handle many parts of your life. In the professional world, you could theoretically share your projects with your boss. Then, personally schedule accordingly with your family so that everyone knows what you are up to.

How it Could Help You

When you are dealing with others who are still learning the best way to manage your to-do list, you might easily find out that they open-minded about the different tools involved. Additionally, it can sometimes be very convenient in many personal and family-related matters to receive information about others’ schedules.

What are the Benefits?

Developing an effective to-do list is not always easy to do. Since many can be drawn to technology, they have the opportunity to be more engaged in the experience. An application allows you to chat with contactssend a project on a document over to someone else, and other benefits that come to those willing to use it.

What are the Downsides?

Some of us simply prefer the old and tested methods of remembering things on your own. Writing things down, as well as traditional means which typically include paper resources are popular. An application is not for those who don’t use smartphones or tablets, since using a PC for an application is possible but not free of charge with Coorganiz.

Traditional To-Do List Management

Not everyone likes or wants to keep up with the latest trends in an organization. Especially those without a smartphone with data service. These folks will need to stay away from any sort of an application or perhaps even the computer altogether. However, there are still some tricks for you to try out. Some of them may be a little old school, but they still work alright.

Pens, Pencils, & Pads

These should be your best friend if you want to become organized using traditional methods. Choose your favorite. Pens are slightly better since they are permanent, but also don’t normally erase. You need to write items down on your favorite pad. Whether the pad includes dates of the year or if it’s just plain old paper. Write down things you need to remember. You get the rest.

Dry Erase Marker Boards

These are slightly nice for those who have instant updates on something each shift which is not best assisted by an application. If you are serving multiple clients an hour, it is improbable you could get them all to install an application for the latest update from your office. In these cases, a dry erase board is useful to say whose turn it is at the entrance or someplace convenient.

Benefits of Traditional Timekeeping

Traditional timekeeping definitely has its share of benefits. In fact, it might even be better to use them from time to time. These include options to practice your memory skills, the ability to keep your handwriting skills in tip-top shape, and actually making sure you can keep up with traditional methods. Surely, we can all use a little bit of these from time to time.

Setbacks of Traditional Timekeeping

However, there are also definitely some setbacks to using the classic methods of organizing your time. This includes the ability to communicate with individuals in completely other locations instantly, limited to no means of document sharing, and no means of instant communication whatsoever. This makes it difficult to know if something changes at the last minute.

Best Means of Organization

Although it’s difficult to decipher the best means of organizing your to-do tasks, there are really only a limited number of options. Since many people already use smartphones, they are more prone to using an application. However, more old-school tend to have their own methods of organization.

Why Use Applications

Applications are great for those who need to share your schedules with a large professional audience. Same for those who have a family at home who needs to know what they are up to. Since applications are something that many tend to have available, they work very well.

Why Use Traditional Methods

Traditional methods may be old and outdated, but they are still good under certain circumstances. Times such are private communications between two individuals and when you need to reflect in your own personal diary are a couple reasonable times to use pens and pads of paper. However, updating a constantly updating agenda can get a little old.

Perhaps Just Use Both

There are times where classic methods are definitely always better. For this reason, many of those who enjoy using applications also are the ones who tend to use traditional writing for other personal tasks at home. Using both can’t hurt and will definitely help you get more organized.

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