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It would be fabulous if having a to-do list was everything required to complete all your work on time, but unfortunately, the case is quite different. The truth is if you want your to-do list to positively influence your business and personal life, it has to be reasonably compiled and well-maintained. While to-do lists can be an incredible source of enablement, it can also be a huge source of frustration. What a to-do record becomes to you is determined by how properly or poorly you manage it.

Therefore, if you get frightened whenever you take a glance at your to-do list, or you get frustrated whenever you remember the uncompleted tasks on it, then it probably has a poor organization and you need to learn how to properly organize it. Here, we will be providing you with effective methods to improve the management of your checklist so that your productivity and efficiency will greatly improve.

Keep a Single List

What is the essence of a list that you can’t access whenever you like? If you put your to-do checklists in your car, on your laptop, or in your pocket, you may have been able to put down all your tasks but it will be very difficult for you to have a crisp idea of what they really are since they are not easily accessible.

Instead of having several to-do lists in several places, create a single all-inclusive checklist, then organize the tasks in a very coherent order. You will realize that this simple system will ease everything for you and will enable you to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.

Clear Your Inbox Daily

While your inbox is a place to gather things you need to do, it is very important that you clear your inbox regularly. After getting a new task, note it down then get rid of it from your inbox. This will help you prevent your inbox from turning into a huge pile that terrifies you whenever you open it, which consequently makes you more prone to procrastination. So, check your inbox at the end of every day and clear tasks you have already noted in your checklist.

Set Goals and Deadlines

Another important way of effectively managing your checklist is to set goals and deadlines for yourself. Think about every individual task on your checklist and set a deadline for them. If you have superiors that set deadlines for your tasks, you should talk to them to find out the deadline for each task. Note the deadlines down and work towards completing the tasks on time.

Digitalize Your List

We are in a modern world where everything is being digitalized, and to-do lists aren’t exempted. There are now mobile apps that will enable you to have your checklist online and access it from anywhere you are. If you have people that work with you on your job, you can even have a shared to-do list app. Besides, since there will likely be changes in your to-do records during the course of your assignment, those apps give you the luxury of editing whenever you want as well. Great, right? Of course, it is.

Eliminate Junks

There are times when we suddenly come up with nice ideas in our heads, so we put them on our to-do records. After a couple of weeks or even months, we haven’t thought about acting on those ideas and they just unnecessarily fill up our checklists. The truth is if an item has spent too long on your checklist without being acted upon, then it is not really important and you should probably delete it. If it is really important, it definitely will find its way back. But till then, get rid of those unimportant items.

Have a Clear Critical Path

In some cases, an assignment is never completed. Something else takes precedence or you simply come up short on time. It occurs in practically every job. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can just disregard items on your records, and that is even why you should have a clear critical path.

You need to ask yourself if being late on that task you are thinking about procrastinating will have an effect on the progress of your project in general. If your answer is yes, then it means there can’t be any delay in the execution of that task and you should instead prioritize it.

Find an Effective Management Method

An effective way to manage these assignments you have prioritized now is by coming up with due dates for every one of them. However, wisely choose those deadlines and solidify them, because they must be met. Of course, you can set soft deadlines for tasks that are not critical.

During the course of your project, the best thing is that you can remove a task as you complete it because you can rest easy knowing you have few things left to do. Obviously, when a fresh task comes up you can choose whether it is critical or not and then include it as needs be, with a deadline.

Review Regularly

Reviewing your to-do records is very important as it is a very effective way of ensuring everything is going as they should on your projects. To keep your checklist in the right order, you must review it at least once every week. Just like you need to visit a dentist regularly for an examination, a similar idea applies to your checklist.

If you have a tendency of procrastinating on your weekly reviews, it is a sign that the projects you are working on are too many. A weekly review would take just around 10 minutes of your time, so, why procrastinate? You can even get a calendar app that will ensure you never forget to review.


To-do lists appear fairly straightforward: A checklist that contains all the tasks you intend to complete in a given period of time. While there is nothing more satisfying than drawing a line over each item on your record, it isn’t easy to keep track of your checklist without proper management. Learn to adopt the tips above and we are sure you are going to be more productive in no time.

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