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Anyone who’s tried to share a family to-do list or work calendar between iPhones and Androids knows just how difficult managing the two operating systems can be. Apple notoriously enjoys blocking outsiders from accessing data on their devices, and performing standard operations on an Android can require a bit of technical know-how.

However, if you know the best ways to sync calendar data, then sharing information between users will be a breeze.

Syncing with System Processes

Syncing calendar data among users can be difficult at times, but if you know the right processes, then you will be able to master the art. In general, iPhones use iCloud to store data whereas Androids primarily use Google, which are the systems you will use to transfer everything from contacts to work events.

Using iOS: iPhones to Androids

Many times, you will need to use Apple’s internal software to share data on an iPhone – especially if you’re trying to recover information from a broken or lost device. Since this software is notoriously difficult to access from Androids, you’ll need to use a computer as an intermediary and follow this series of steps:

  1. Ensure that iCloud is activated under your settings. If your phone is lost or broken, then you may be able to do so through a “find my phone” or “recovery” program.
  2. Allow your phone to upload information to the cloud.
  3. Access a computer, and open www.icloud.com.
  4. Log in to your account, and you will see all of your uploaded data.
  5. Go to your calendar and click “share calendar.” In the pop-up, click “public calendar.”
  6. Once you’ve made your calendar public, it will generate a link. In the URL, replace “webcal” with “http.” Then, press enter.
  7. Your computer will then save a copy of your calendar.
  8. Log in to Google Calendar and select “Import Calendar.” Then, select the file you just saved, and click “import.”
  9. Once this calendar is imported, you can then update your Google calendar on your Android and have all available data.

Using Google: Android to iPhone

Google Calendar is substantially easier to use to transfer information between the two operating systems. On your Android, you can automatically sync all calendar information to your Google Calendar and then an iPhone user can download the software and see the information. However, Apple may not permit the user to align their internal phone data with the Google Calendar.

The Simple Solution

If you’re not the most tech-savvy or simply don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up a sync, then the best solution is to use a third party app for shared calendars. These apps will connect users regardless of their operating systems and allow them to upload their data from their phones’ calendars. Ultimately, an independent, shared app can be the least stressful solution to transfer data among people with different types of devices.

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