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One of the numerous reasons we purchase smartphones is on the grounds that they enable us to sort out our lives. No other application will help you achieve this more than your to-do app, and keeping in mind that smartphones accompany in-built calendars, some of the time those applications just do not cut it. If you are looking for an app with a bit more options, then you require some extraordinary third-party applications that will improve your organization, and let you accomplish more than you ever thought.

Everybody has busy lives. Regardless of whether you are trying not to miss the gym time, pick up a gift for your colleague, and still find your way to the doctor, to track all that is needed to be done sometimes could be cumbersome. That’s the point where these to-do applications come in, from a pared-down UI to the lots of options, whatever you want is here.


These are the top 2 applications under this class that you would find for both Android and iOS. Take a seat, have a glance, and make your day substantially less stressful.

Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is the best applications under this category, making your task management somewhat easy. It works well with the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, and it incorporates options like Force Touch and 3D Touch. What places it above other applications is the way it supports different languages, allows users to use voice to create a reminder, and even allows the utilization of simple-text phrases to create alerts, notes, and reminders. It’s quick, intuitive, feature-rich, and convenient, which is all that you need from an application you’re trusting will make your life easier to plan.

Google Calendar

You may surmise that this one only works for those who already invested into everything Google, however, that is not really true. In the event that Gmail is your fundamental email, you will see some events like your booked hotels, restaurant reservations, and upcoming flights added to your app automatically. Besides that, non-Gmail subscribers will receive similar functions in return.

To-do Apps

From applications that allows you to organize your tasks in the easiest way, to ones that assist you in breaking projects into smaller pieces — the applications below are your tickets to unrestricted beach-bond freedom.


Coorganiz is mainly inspired by our daily activities. It’s created with an intent to make people’s quotidian easier. This app provides you with the opportunity to Plan, Share, Chat and Co-organize with whomever you want in a single place. There is a lot of things to organize in our lives and no other app provide us with a better platform to do this. You can group your checklist by projects, this option filters out the lists you won’t be needing any time soon.

Microsoft To-do

Not everyone is in need of a productivity application flooding with a lot of features. Once in a while, you need something sweet and straightforward, and that is precisely what Microsoft To-Do brings. You can effortlessly add new things to your rundown, and make multiple checklists for differentiating today’s tasks from long-term objectives.

These applications can remind you of the works or errands you need to finish today or in two days to seven days. Set up a daily to-do checklist or weekly or monthly checklist, in order not to forget any important task of yours.

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