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Organizing your home is one of the best ways of keeping the life of your family and children happy, clean and tidy. Since owning a home typically involves endless projects, lists, and so on, it can be difficult to manage your time and stay on top of everything. However, as you will soon discover, there are a limited amount of tasks that you need to accomplish each week or so when you own a home.

Organize Your Schedule First

Planning and managing an organized calendar is the first step to keeping your home clean. Although we will walk through many different tips and steps to keeping your home cleaned on this page, having a to-do application. Since many people enjoy the convenience of having reminders and an easy-to-use system which allows you to visualize how much work you have to do, this makes things a lot more convenient.

If you have a spouse or partner who shares the responsibilities with you, getting a shared to-do list is another thing for you to consider. A system like this allows us to communicate without back and forth text messages, phone calls, e-mails, and so on each day.

Weekly Checklist for Home Cleanliness: the Basics

Whether you live by yourself, with a spouse, and/or with kids, cleanliness is key to your comfort. If you are expecting a newborn baby, it’s important to check off your to-do before the baby is born. However, even when your children grow to a more manageable age, it’s still important to make sure to keep the following things in mind.

1. Keep the Floors Clean

Learning how to organize your house properly requires that you keep the floors clean. If you have carpet, vacuum it. If there are wood floors, broom and polish them. This should be something you do at least once a week.

2. Kitchen and Bathrooms

If you want to organize delicious meals or make sure that your shower is sanitary enough to actually clean yourself, they need to be taken care of. The kitchen and bathrooms are two of the most important parts of your home. You should use special cleaning tools that you don’t use anywhere else.

3. Lawn Care

If you have a lawn, it’s important to cut it. Some places have special regulations which require you to cut your grass, for example. This is something that needs to be done once a week at least. During fall, clean up the dead leaves. In winter, keep your driveway clear of snow.

4. Windows and Dust

Although this one is a little more aesthetic in nature, having clean windows allows you to look outside clearly. Dust is also something which is nice to stay on top of since it can quickly pile up and leave your counters and window sills looking gross.

5. Garage and Storage Space

Although you might be able to slack on this one a little bit, keep your storage space manageable. Typically, you can just keep it organized and free of insects and rodents. You shouldn’t have to worry as much about dust and other minor problems here. 

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