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Getting a shared calendar for your iPhone requires you to get the right tools since Apple iOS isn’t made for you to instantly share your calendars across brands and operating systems. However, if you get an application that all of your professional and personal contacts can unite on, setting up shared events is actually very simple.

The Basics

To see a shared calendar for a group on your iPhone, you need to use the same application. You can use different types of phones and operating systems with a third party application, but without the same platform, it will be impossible to see a shared schedule. If somebody has already sent you an e-mail invite for a schedule using Google, you will simply need to follow the link. However, things can quickly get complicated. This is why many people have begun to consider other options which are easier to use.

Top Shared Schedule Applications

CoorganiziCloud, and Google systems are very popular with people who need an organized list of tasks. Since they will help you to break down which things need to be finished on what days, they are very simple to use.


Coorganiz is a premier option for sharing calendars. Since it can sync with devices on the Android or Apple systems. Many consider it to be the best app for a shared schedule since it offers lots of extra settings and features not offered by other similar apps. For example, you can also instantly message other people using the same application. You can even share documents with other people at the tap of a button.


Anybody who uses an iOS device has likely already heard of this one. This is a platform which allows you to easily create an event using the online or mobile application. Although it is a nice platform, creating multiple calendars can get complicated. Racking up the amount of space you use with this application can result in unwanted charges. Additionally, cross-platform functionality can be complex.


If you simply want a shared calendar for work without any sort of advanced features then this might be an option to consider. It is relatively simple to sync your schedule with others using friendly operating systems. However, when you start using an iPad tablet or Mac laptop, it is pretty common to run into errors and headaches.

Never Have Scheduling Issues Again

If you want to use a system which will easily work across operating systems and is capable of advanced features, simply use Coorganiz. The biggest difficulty many will have switching to this system for an entire company or family is simply getting everybody plugged in and installed. After installation, tap the application and ensure that it runs properly. Then, simply set up your schedule, to-do tasks, and so on. Finally, take advantage of the many wonderful features that this application has to offer. 

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