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Time management and organization are always hard to piece together. It’s either there’s not enough time for the right amount of organizing, or there is enough time, just no way to manage how to organize. The struggles can be endless.

But it’s okay. There are resources that provide ways to get around these issues and can find other tools like a business diary online to stay on top of things.

The first item on the list and the only item that will be talked about today is how to make a shared agenda. The events that will be placed in this can be spoken about later on, but for now, the main focus will be on creating this helpful little program.

Getting Started

To get your organization skills up and running, you need to know What organization tools are
and what options you have when using tools.

The options are endless, depending on the type of organizer you tend to be. So, whether you’re an event, office, or community (public or private) organizer, check out the tools you can use below to start:

Using Calendar Applications

This next suggestion may catch some people off guard: use applications for calendars.

These calendars can help with managing day-to-day activities. Any person on an organized level, whether it is a secretary, a manager, a mother, a team member, or a leader, understands the importance of a calendar, so why not download the app?

It’s time to tackle the what, where, when, why, and how of this suggestion.


A calendar application.


A calendar application can be accessed through computers and cell phones to ensure effective means of communication. These means of communication are also extremely accessible. For example: if the calendar is to ensure the flow of wedding planning events goes smoothly, the schedule should be downloaded from the app so that all help can see it. In particular, if the wedding planner needs his/her workers to understand how the wedding should carry out when each milestone of planning should be done, and what times appointments need to be made, the calendar should be easy to access at any point and day.


Applications for calendars, if chosen to use, should be used at all times. That way, if there are any questions about appointments or set meetings on a given day, the basic facts of where and when will be present on the calendar. Any further questions can be directed to the person in charge of maintaining such a schedule.


Because it’s easy, accessible, and quite frankly, cheap. Most are even free!  All businesses, companies, teams, and families can use this as an organizational method with little to no cost. It’s a universally used product, and everyone seems to have little confusion interpreting it due to the fact that every piece of basic data is present on each date. It’s a new and improved calendar for tech-savvy people!


Well, that’s a silly question. First, download the application for calendars. Then, designate someone to be the primary person that fills in the required info for each month (maybe do it in sets of 3 months, if possible, as to not overwhelm anyone, but to also plan ahead). After following these simple steps, the process should go smoothly.

Download These Apps

According to many users and online sources, there are 5 phenomenal calendar applications that serve the needs as organization tools for companies. These applications are:

  1. Kalendi
  2. CoOrganiz
  3. Skedj
  4. UpTo
  5. Google Calendar

Each will be briefly described below. Each can be made public or kept private in the community depending on the level of security each schedule has.


Small organizations tend to use this application to ensure quality communication. But, what sets Kalendi apart from agenda applications like Outlook and Google Calendar? Quite a few things actually.

Calendars made by Kalendi users can include attachments in their invites, publish a calendar online, schedule reminders, and set up an unlimited number of calendars. Other cool features include prevention from double booking anything and filters for quick searches. These Kalendi applications can also be put in sync with Outlook and Google programs. The only downside is, there is a fee to keep up with Kalendi.


No matter the platform this tiny little app has it all. If the only need is for a calendar, then get ready for so much more with a simple click. From accessing and sharing files, documents, agendas, to-dos, and even participating in direct messaging between team members, the easy-to-use shared calendar function comes with its own set of tools. The free version that gives full access to the calendar function.


This iPhone mobile app also schedules each event with Google and Yahoo sites. This means that if anything is penciled in on this application, it will automatically show up on all synced platforms. Also, all items are placed in chronological order automatically. This application has sharing capabilities with anyone that is authorized to enter. However, this application is not meant to be the primary scheduling tool; it is only meant to be a helper tool. An Android version will be available soon.


This application allows for tracking in real time with a click. This aspect of the application shows groups and teams what event should be prioritized. Also, sharing capabilities can be enabled when desired.

As this is a free iPhone app, only iPhone users can use it, for now. However, in the near future, Android users will have the same privilege. Another perk of this application is users can link Facebook to their UpTo app, making it easier to connect with friends.

Google Calendar

This application is best used in small businesses, but it can be integrated into bigger companies as well. All company times can be synced to this application. But, don’t forget, all calendar specifics need to be shared for specific members to have access to. Another perk is that this awesome calendar is free!

Check Out E-mail Capabilities

E-mailing systems have a wide range of capabilities.

First, know what e-mailing systems you can set up a shared agenda on and start by choosing your e-mail service. Then, check out what capabilities they have to offer. The best suggestion would be to use memo or calendar options on any of these sites. Instead of having a paper option to write out a memo or a paper option to write on a calendar, you can choose the option to type it out in an e-mail memo or calendar.

With this option, users of the memo or users of the calendar will have the capability to access the info they need instantly, whether it is on their computer or on their phone. If you allow access to such info via cell phone, it will make the schedule easier to follow, due to its easy access.

This option is favored by many. But there is more!

Go Online

When optimizing your network sharing capabilities, you should also look into document-sharing platforms to circulate important info and manage group projects. These are the top two document-sharing platforms on the market:

Microsoft Office Suite

As this option is considered a Microsoft tool, it does come with several choices as to how to make the shared agendas.

Microsoft Word can be used to make a basic memo from the templates section. This option can show an agenda and when/where these occurrences should take place.

Microsoft Excel can be used to make a spreadsheet. This listing can be organized for each person’s benefit and can highlight or focus on certain areas of the chart if need be.

Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create a slideshow presentation. This slideshow can be introduced to a group or team at a meeting for everyone to jot down specific notes. Agendas can be created here and dispersed accordingly in meetings or handouts.

All Microsoft Options can be shared amongst any user that has access to the document. The leader of the agendas can click the share button and make it accessible through e-mail or directly through the Outlook option that it was created from.

Google Docs

This option is a Google tool. Many users prefer this over any other option. All of the options listed above (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) can be used in Google Docs, except they are titled a different name each found in the Google Suite.

All of these can be used to share agendas amongst groups and/or teams. From here, the option to share documents is also available. The only twist that Google has placed on the sharing of such documents is that the user who initially shares the info is also the user that can take away such a privilege. For example, if a manager decides to click the share button and shares it amongst others, but finds he/she wants to make some edits to it, they can unshared said document until it is formatted the correct way for future viewing.

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