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It can be a little stressful to organize a bachelorette party, particularly if it is your first time. If you are a bridesmaid or a maid-of-honor that has been tasked to organize a weekend for the lady of the hour to be celebrated by her closest friends, you may be pressurized to design something outstanding, that will linger in the memories of everyone for many years to come.

Before you begin, keep in mind these great tips when planning.

Know What the Lady of the Hour Wants

The first thing you should do when charged with the responsibility is to consult the wife-to-be and know the things she wants. If she doesn’t like the idea of having a stripper on the night, respect her decision. If you don’t want to end up with an angry bride and a group of groaning bridesmaid, listen to the wife-to-be. Also, you should keep in mind that bachelorette parties don’t necessarily have to be crazy and messy. Plan one that is in-line with the lifestyles of the bride and her groom.

Set a Budget

We all know fingers are not equal, and while you may be ready to spend a thousand dollars, as the chief planner, the other girls of the bridal train may be tight on budget and not willing to spend more than $300 or $500. Before you go on with your ostentatious plans, contact all the invited guests and know what they have budgeted. Devise a way to make a plan that would suit everyone.

Choose the Perfect Place

The initial step for organizing any party is choosing where it will take place. There is a lot of factors to take into consideration when picking the venue or hotel. If you and the other bridesmaids are living in the same region, the best thing is to choose a venue within driving distance. In the event that you are a group who is spread all over the country, choose a crazier location since almost everyone will need to travel by air anyway.

Choose a Theme

So you have chosen a date and a location, then you should determine the theme of the party. To start with, consider the lady of the hour. What was the Halloween outfit she loved most? Find out the events she attended in college just for costumes. You should choose something that will suit everyone. While creative themes give you points, you are better off choosing the one that isn’t difficult to pull off.

Make a Backup Plan

When you are managing travel plans and dealing with a group of people, things don’t always turn out smoothly like you would have anticipated. It is always a great idea to have an alternative plan on the off chance you have a delayed flight, something happens to your food, there is a heavy downpour or the wife-to-be isn’t just interested in an activity you planned.

Before you know it now, the day is here. That is why you need to plan for the party weeks ahead so that there wouldn’t be any unexpected twist of events. Follow our tips above and we assure you that everything will be fine.

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