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Keeping yourself organized was a difficult task even when you were alone without any baby, so imagine how more difficult it would be to keep yourself organized now that you have a baby.

Going from being without a baby to being with a baby whose full responsibility is on you is a great change in your life that you need to carefully plan how to adapt to. Keep in mind your baby is most demanding in the early days and things will only get easier with time.

Remember the three Cs

The first C means compartment. This means that be it a drawer, on the table, or in the closet, there should be a compartment for every item. The second C means container and is because organizing is difficult without containers, thus, they should serve as homes to each item when they are not being used.  The last C is consistency. Ensure you use the containers and compartments consistently and ensure there is consistency in the way you use them. If possible, you can set a specific time each day on your calendar when you store the items back in their homes.

Avoid Being Over-prepared

Do you probably pack everything you may need whenever you are leaving home? A lot of people make this mistake. Cut down on your tools to the essentials, and keep everything in one place so that you will be able to access them easily when you need them. If possible, keep separate baskets with stuff you need for every kind of outing. Also, think about keeping checklists somewhere they can be easily seen, or on your phone. While a supply of Cheerios and diapers are almost compulsory for every outing, a Swiss knife might just be a little redundant. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t be prepared, but just avoid going overboard.

Give Old Clothes Away

Children are always growing very quickly and before you even know it, your child has grown out of her clothing. New mothers are always in a dilemma when making a decision on what to do with their kid’s old clothes. Quickly decide on what you are going to do with these clothes. Options include storing them in a storage space or in a spare closet. Besides, you can give the clothes to a pregnant friend, a member of your extended family, or donate them to a local organization. You can also do this with the old toys of your kids.

Allow the Housework to Slide

Although it is good to have a routine, it is best to avoid forcing a routine on your new baby and you should even forget about living the way you used to before the arrival of your baby. If a disorganized and untidy house annoys you, it will be more difficult for you to come to terms with the fact that cleaning is no more at the top of your to-do list with a baby around. Rather, you should prioritize keeping your child well-fed, happy, and clean. Nevertheless, if living in an organized house is the only thing that makes you happy, you can reach a compromise with your better half.

Having a baby is probably the biggest thing that can happy to anyone. It is a very difficult challenge and you need to prepare for it accordingly. Ensure you keep all our tips in mind and rest assured that you will be just fine.

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