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When you get an iPhone, you should have the world’s best ingenuity at your fingertips. However, it sometimes involves getting separate apps designed by people other than those who work with Apple.

Thankfully, the iOS app store provides us with the platform for improving the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other iOS products. Since many features are best gained by using other apps, platforms like Coorganiz, which can be used for both iPhone and Android models have gained great attention.

Setting Up a Shared Set of Tasks

As stated, the best way to use options that are not readily available is to find an application. When it comes to a shared to-do list, this is the best way to get all of your tasks together and start dividing responsibilities. With Coorganiz, the shared tasks can be distributed, or simply visible to others who have access to your events. Since both popular app stores provide a version of this application for your devices.

Benefits of Sharing Calendars

There are many reasons why people choose to set up shared task lists and sync their calendars together. For starters, you can use a mechanism like this as your personal shared family to-do tasks which will provide all of your loved ones with complete access to your schedule and daily tasks. It also allows you to share what you finish each day to your boss. Any notes you take can easily be seen by others with access. In short, sharing calendars will let you and all those you grant access to see your routine and daily tasks.

When used from home, Coorganiz also functions very well as a home chore organizer. Since you can easily connect all of those who live at your and easily divvy all of the chores to all applicable people. It can also send reminders when it is time to stop watching TV and time to start vacuuming, for example. With an application like this which lists all of the chores that need to be done every day, it will be much more difficult to forget about something important.

Sharing Your To-Do Over iPhone

Now that we have covered some basic information regarding why sharing calendars is useful and time-saving, let’s break down exactly how this can be done.

1. Decide Which Program to Use

Coorganiz is a great option, however, you have many different applications to choose from. On an iPhone, using an application is perhaps the best way to go since it will offer consistent reminders.

2. Make Sure All Parties Are On the Same Program

This is important. In order for anybody else to see your calendar, they will need to use the same platform as you. This means that you all need to be in the same application. Whichever one you choose.

3. E-Mail Your Generated Link

Regardless of the application you choose, any sort of iPhone app for sharing calendars typically works through e-mail. As a result, all you would need to do is log in to your e-mail, click a link, and you should now have access to their list of tasks. 

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