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When it is time to get organized, there are countless tools that you can try. If ever you own a smartphone which connects to the Apple store, you should try using a good shared calendar app.

Many people use them since they can help you track your to-do tasks every day and help organize your life. Although many people may do avoid apps since they boast themselves for having a great memory, the rest of us realize how practical it is to have reminders.

What is Coorganiz?

Coorganiz is perhaps the best shared calendar app since it is great for both professional and personal use. With any iOS devices, you can instantly start using this application to create a simple and organized schedule. Unlike many other apps, Coorganiz works well across platforms. It can easily share your routine with another person who uses the droid version of the application.

Why You Should Try Coorganiz

Setting up a shared task list for work has not always been easy. In fact, the old methods required us to use paper calendarsdry-erase boards, and even chalkboards. Thankfully, we are far past this level of technology. Instead, we can now use applications and other digital advances which can help us be organized. The best part about this sort of technology is that it can be pulled up anywhere you have cell phone service.

In recent times, setting up shared calendars for a group was a tad complicated since it required the use of tools which doesn’t have direct mobile compatibility. There are tools using Google, for example, that allows users to set up shared calendars. However, using a mobile device or going across operating systems is where much the criticism for other similar programs come into play.

How Coorganiz Stands Out

The features on Coorganiz are simply not comparable to other similar applications. In fact, Coorganiz combines all of the best qualities of other organizational applications and puts them into one wonderful organization tool. Below are some of the top things you should expect from Coorganiz completely free of charge.

To-Do Lists & Calendars

When you set up your daily tasks, you can also share them with your employer, family, or personal acquaintances at the touch of a button. Anybody who uses the application will be instantly able to see what you are up to daily. If certain things need to remain private, you can choose not to show certain parts of your routine. Setting up an event to remind yourself that you need to go to the dermatologist, for example, is likely something people won’t need to know specifics for.

Communication, Document-Sharing & Compatability

When it is time to communicate with other people using the same application, all you need to do is log in to the application and send messages. The messages can also include important documents which would otherwise require a computer to send. If you have somebody using a PC, and you use a Mac, you will encounter no compatibility issues

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