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Getting an iPhone application that allows for sharing a calendar and task lists is rather easy to do. If you know what you’re looking for. However, finding the best shared calendar app requires that you are able to use the same application as everyone else. Meaning that your friend who still uses a PC can join you.

If you have a friend with an Android, for example, it would be much more difficult to share your agenda with someone if they don’t use the same application. However, if the application has an iOS version and compatibility with other phone models, you wouldn’t have a problem.

Best Shared Calendar App

Getting an excellent app is a wonderful idea for anybody to consider. Two reasons why this is the case is that it works great for both your personal life and professional life. However, choosing the right one is where things can become a little difficult. This page will show you some of the best applications to consider.

With the ability to share schedulesdaily tasksdocuments, and keep up with all the latest news in your circle, there is plenty of reason to get an application like this. Although it can be a little overwhelming when you glance at some of the options around.

For Work, School & Family

If you use a Mac iOS or Microsoft operating system, it’s important to have all of your upcoming events organized. However, it can be difficult to develop a shared calendar for work unless you have everyone on the same platform. With apps, it can be difficult to get people to use the same system due to the different operating systems and phone settings.

However, since some applications work with both platforms, you will quickly be able to share events that will sync across operating systems. Not too many apps have the capability of being used on more than their native operating system. Additionally, it is difficult to find an application which conveniently allows you to organize all aspects of your home, school, or professional life.


Outlook is a great platform for combining e-mail and one’s schedule. This is a great option for those who want to combine multiple e-mail addresses into one platform while having a schedule which can be shared with any of your contacts.

Google Drive & Calendar

Google Drive is a pretty popular platform for sharing your documents and calendar. It allows you to instantly share this information over to anybody who has an e-mail address for free. It is popular for its frugal and easy-to-use nature.


This is an application that has been gaining a lot of steam recently. It combines the best features for your schedule from the previous options and makes them into one professional task-sharing tool. It also provides the means of communication & document-sharing, making it a wonderful for a business or corporation. 

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