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Planning a wedding can be a time-consuming task. When you factor in all the aspects of the wedding: the ceremonyreception, and everything in between, things can rapidly become quite complicated. For example, you have to be ready to introduce the guests at the right moment, coordinate the food, be ready for the first dance, and many other events.

As the groom, another aspect you need to account for is how to organize a bachelorette party.  To help you save your time and plan the most efficient wedding possible, you need to reference as many helpful resources as possible. Many people would consider digital tools to help themselves manage tasks. Below, we will discuss some of the main things you need to finish before the big day.

Wedding Planning Checklist

Although weddings can be a great time, the fun doesn’t come until everything is planned and paid for. Here are the top details that need to be accounted for. Additionally, we will offer you a few digital tools to help you get yourself organized.

Set Your Budget

It’s important to know how much you can spend. Make this number the absolute most you can spend without racking up debt in the family. The total amount for this sort of event can typically range anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

With a tool like Coorganiz which will help you set up a payment calendar with your family, the financial aspect (including tips) will be organized.

Pick Your Venues

Many people get married in one place and have festivities in another venue. Reserve both of the places that you want to use. Remember that this will likely be one of the most expensive portions of the plan.

Once you select your venue, All Seated is a great way to help each guest and your employees tour the space. It also gives them a sense of your wedding’s style.

Select Your Vendors

This is the part that can subject to personal experience and opinions. Select if you want a DJ or live bandcatering or home cooking, a coordinator or having your friends manage the time, and so on. 

All Seated will help you settle questions by giving employees an HD visual of where they will be working.

Prepare Food Options

Decide which type of food you want to have, and select a company to bring it. A great idea is to hire a caterer who makes your favorite type of food. However, this is one area which requires communication between several people.

If you are listing out tasks for individuals, it is important to keep everyone informed. Having a digital schedule which lists daily tasks for each person as you can do with Coorganiz and Trello is a luxury worth considering.

Have Times Prepared for Each Event

Although the event might get behind or ahead of schedule, it’s important to know what time you want to have things like the bouquet & garter tossfirst dancecake cutting, and so on.  

This is another area where Coorganiz will shine well. Make sure each relevant has access to a shared calendar on the app, and you are set.