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Digital calendars can be a godsend for getting your life in order, but they’re not just good for solo activities. Multiple calendars come with the ability to be shared between users. By embracing this technology, you can improve your own efficiency and productivity alongside that of your friends and family. Collaborative planning for an event doesn’t need to be days full of meetings, Outlook emails, and appointments; all you need is the right app or online program.

You can find more than just a calendar too. Shared to-do lists and other online tools that are a click away can improve your ability to plan major events, projects, and even parties. Here is a guide for sharing a calendar with others and getting the most out of it.

Getting Started

There are dozens of choices for online calendars with sharing functionality. Some are even available on your phone in app form. Before you set one up, do some research and figure out which one has the features you and your event most need. Most options will allow you to freely invite any number of people to contribute via email address, though these contacts may be required to sign up for an account in order to log in.

Check in on whether most of your group uses Android or Apple products, and find a service that is compatible. Finding a service that syncs with Outlook or lets you download your schedule may be ideal.

Once you’ve found the choice that best suits your plans and goals, start building your schedule. By default, only you will have access, but before sending permission to others, you should give the digital planner a clear, easy-to-understand name so anyone joining in will know your intentions. Naming it after any events you’re working on is a great starting point. For example, if you’re going to use it to organize a graduation party for your niece Susan, you could name it “Susan’s Graduation Party 2018.”

Keeping Things Organized

The biggest challenge to using these tools is making sure things don’t get messy. With multiple contributors editing and scheduling on a single calendar, management can quickly turn into a disaster – especially when each person could delete a key section. Luckily, there are tools to help with organization.

Many digital planners allow you to color-code each box that represents an entry on your schedule. This can be a major boon, allowing you to assign specific tasks or set apart different events. You can also add further details within individual calendar entries, such as images, a website URL, directions, or even a link to an article. You may be able to visualize the calendar as a list, which can help with mentally laying out each day.

Spend some time experimenting with the functionality of whatever planning software you choose. One program may not have every option or feature that another has, but most have plenty of tucked-away settings that can help you optimize your experience. With a button click or two and some communication, planning an event between multiple parties becomes infinitely more accessible using these services. We hope these tips helped.

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