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There are plenty of current and updated systems that can help when attempting to find an online calendar. The most important features of a shared calendar can vary from company to company, whether it utilizes such applications like Outlook, or used on such systems on iOS, or even for different Android devices. Many applications also interact differently when being used on a personal or work utilities, as well as when they are used on mobile devices. As such, ensuring that one uses the best system possible that can be tailored directly to one’s own needs is important.

Choosing the Right one

Although there are a number of different systems for the iPhone and Androids, as well as computers, there are a number of calendar applications that stand a cut above the rest. These are applications that have many different features such as:

  • Uniformed clarity of information.
  • Simplistic, yet intricate.
  • Easily managed and able to tailor.

Here is a list of a few of the top choices currently available for usage.


One of the highest rated app systems currently on the market today, MindBody can be used on both an iOS system, or on a computer. With the ease of function kept firmly in mind, MindBody works best when being used on a mobile device. MindBody helps by allowing one to manage and collect all of their clients for any type of operation. Whether it be dealing with a school classroom, or working on an independent business, it can completely secure the way an owner does work.

One of the key functions that it can allow a user to do is to simplify the check-in and check-out process. Especially for one that is constantly dealing with sales or payments, using a shared calendar that not only sends reminders and updates to a user when things are about to come up, this can also help to notify an owner if someone will not be able to make a scheduled appointment. This can be extremely necessary when one is scheduling emergency appointments and the like. Mindbody is also able to help by completing payments through the application itself, helping an owner be completely mobile.


ShiftBoard is a great multi-level operation that focuses primarily on large-scale companies and businesses. When attempting to keep track and delegate multiple employee time cards and the like, it is important that the management is able to see all of the information readily available, as well as constantly understanding the limitations of said workers.

This helps by merging all of these necessities into either an in-depth calendar or mobile notification center. By allowing one to manage the calendar online, it can be swiftly updated with changes on a schedule, in case an employee gets sick and cannot cover for an appointment or certain events.


If you’ve been living under a rock, CoOrganiz is here to provide a near-universal solution to everything time, calendar, and productivity related. From creating and sharing detailed to-dos, event calendars, and it also allows direct collaboration via messaging or phone between team members. Available on both iOS iPhone and Android.


One of the best apps for calendars on the current market, mHelpDesk allows a user to easily and quickly do everything a business needs to do. From scheduling an appointment to processing a payment, it can do it all from the comfort of a desk or mobile device.

The most important feature is that it can easily be corrected if necessary changes are needed for the calendars. When shifting around events, it is important to always be able to manage these when emergencies appear. mHelpDesk’s simple app can make this a snap so that it does not become a chore to move events around.

Visual Planning

One of the smaller systems on the current market, Visual Planning is a simple system that is best used for personal and life activities. Simply put, it can keep track of one’s daily events and situations. But, the most important aspect is that each day in the calendar can be broken down to almost the exact minute increments. This allows for a very thorough and detailed scheduling routine for an individual that might have a not on their plate.

This app is the best when needing an app to help families and friends keep track of what needs to be done around the house. For instance, children can keep track of when their playtime is, and when they need to start picking up their toys, while it can help the parents to keep track of what practices the children might need to go to. This is thanks to the easy to see color coordination feature that is allowed.


Another good calendar app when attempting to deal with a large number of people – Humanity is a great, simple system that can help the users that are within the group to stay up to date on what event can be covered. For instance, if a group of volunteers is needed for an event, this app is able to help bring an understanding as to who is available at what times, as well as who has the necessary skills to do the job at hand. Simplifying this entire information flow helps to speed up the scheduling process a fair degree.


Another one of the best online apps for both iPhone and Android devices, Deputy is a simple, drag and drop system that is used when attempting to manage several different employees. Many areas that use this are restaurants and retail stores, as a manager is able to quickly and discretely add and drop an employee from the list if necessary.

Not only can this app keep track of employees, but it can also input wages earned and hours worked, keeping a grand statistical line to help manage income flow as well. This condenses the management work into a more accessible form.

A great thing about this system is that when the calendar is completed, the entire calendar can be forwarded to everyone in the group at the simple press of a button. This is especially useful when attempting to let employees know the next week’s schedule, or for a whole month, as well as letting others know when someone will not be available. These alerts can be in the form of text messages, emails, or alerts, depending on what the user has the alerts set to.

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