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When you have a busy family, getting the right tools to organize yourself is rarely a bad idea. Since most families these days are all equipped with smartphones, many have begun using a shared calendar app to easily organize their family life. If you use an application to organize your events, you will for sure remember much more.


A Few Options to Consider

Although are online apps which help you sync your calendars with other people on the same platform, using devices which run on Apple iOS will not always work across platforms. Additionally, it can be difficult to use online apps which also function flawlessly on mobile platforms.

Here are Some of the Best Options:


A cross-platform calendar-sharing application with a heavyweight lineup up features.


Another great application for helping you organize projects and tasks.


Application for sharing plans between groups. Doesn’t require accounts.

How These Could Benefit Your Family

Having the best shared calendar application means that you need much more than just a mechanism for sharing your daily tasks and routine. Often times, being organized means you need to share documents with each other, set up daily projects, and be able to communicate with others in your circle. Many people also want an app which will provide several different reminders, provide tablet and computer access, and so on.

Never Miss a Commitment Again

If you already use a shared calendar for work then you are likely already aware of the benefits that come along with it. With a tool like this, you will instantly be able to pull up what everybody in your contacts is doing. If your kids need a ride from school, over to a friend’s house, and so on, they can simply create an event so that you will remember.

Communicate Without Using Minutes

Families which use cell phone plans to include everybody knows the importance of saving your precious talking minutes. Additionally, texting can sometimes rack up charges without the right plan. However, as those who use other messaging applications already know, connection to the internet is normally enough to contact others. With this sort of tool, you can set up chats which can only be seen by the people you allow inside.

Publish Your Daily Routine and Filter it As Needed

Some things are best kept between the adults. Hopefully, this goes without saying. However, it’s still important to have a shared calendar for a group which allows you to pick who sees what aspects of your routine. Some things are best kept private between certain people. There are other things which can be shared with just about anybody you trust. In the end, everybody who you share your lists with will be able to see what you are up to. This will also help them remember if they need to be a part of anything. 

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