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Many different types of groups need to use calendars to plan things, like a family or an office, to help share any necessary info with others about an event.

If you need to share calendars with a group, you might find that doing so can be a little tricky. While these applications aren’t difficult to use, they do require some close attention to ensure that you add events properly to them and any necessary links. If you’re looking for some applications you can use for a group, this article will assist you. You’ll read more about the benefits of using one and some recommendations for apps you can use.

The Benefits

There are many benefits that come with using these for a family or corporate group:

  • They Can Help You Stay Organized.

Using applications similar to these aren’t always the most helpful when it comes to organization, but this isn’t so with these. These applications, such as with Outlook, help you to stay organized with details and keep info like dates, times, places, and other important things in one organized place that your group can visit.

  • They’re Quick.

These applications work quickly, and once you type in info on the calendar, like about an event, everyone can instantly see it.

  • They’re Easy to Use.

The settings vary depending on the platform you use, but they are each often very simple to use which makes them ideal for everyone to try out.

Shared Calendar Applications You Can Use


Outlook, created by Microsoft, is a great way to help organize your time. With Outlook, you can make any necessary changes when on your email so they are instantly seen by others who belong to the group. You can add a link or two for the group to click on and use settings and tools like “Permission” which prohibits people from seeing certain parts of the schedule and you can add more members to the group who are in your address book. However, this choice often costs money, so if you’re looking for a free option, this probably isn’t the best choice.


Coorganiz is another excellent way to help keep you and your group organized with your info. For instance, if you’re looking to use an application with your work, the Coorganiz at Work setting will help you or your employees stay better focused on the tasks that need to be done by keeping everyone up-to-date on events and meetings with its calendar setting. All of the Coorganiz application types include settings like color coding, shared lists, and the ability to send documents to others in the group instantly.

Google Calendar

This can be used on practically any platform and can let you create various types of group schedules. It uses tools like color-coding to help you keep track of certain events that occur throughout the day, week, and month. Keep in mind this platform doesn’t have a desktop app you can use.

These applications are excellent ways for both families and a business office to make group schedules so everyone can see info quickly. They are not only easy to use, but can help to make organizing group events much simpler thanks to their features.  If you’re looking for some shared calendar applications to use, definitely consider the choices in the list above.

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